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Blue State Hypocrisy: 15 Democrats Who Don’t Follow Their Own Rules


There have been many examples of blue state hypocrisy as of late. The Democrat hypocrites create stricter and stricter rules to deal with the phantom menace of Covid but then refuse to follow those rules themselves. Democrat mayors and governors shut down small businesses, didn’t let spouses and children mourn the passing of loved ones, ruined the academic experience of millions of students, and wrecked the dreams of many more millions of Americans.

Those people are despicable. It’s one thing to create and follow strict lockdown orders because you think that’s the right thing to do; I, and many others, might disagree with the necessity and efficacy of those lockdowns, but there is no moral issue there. That’s a debate over governance and what powers the government can and should use in the event of an emergency. But it is evil to create an order that ruins the lives of millions of your citizens and then to ignore that lockdown order yourself when it becomes inconvenient to do so.

In this article, I will give you as many examples of high-profile blue state hypocrisy and governors not following their own orders as possible. From Nancy Pelosi to the mayor of Austin, Democrats have proven themselves to be hypocrites that are propping up Big Business at the expense of your freedom and the success of the middle class. It’s time to fight back against them.

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The Examples of Blue State Hypocrisy and Democrat Governors Not Following their Own Orders:

#1: Nancy Pelosi

The most egregious example of blue state hypocrisy is one that I already discussed in my “Nancy Antoinette” post. That was when Nancy Pelosi, who might be the most pro-lockdown politician in Congress, broke the lockdown orders she had campaigned so hard for so that she could get a haircut. Most insultingly of all, she used a hair salon that had been closed by the lockdown orders. A hair salon owner’s life was ruined but Nancy couldn’t even postpone her haircut. She’s a hypocrite and a terrible person.

#2: Lori Lightfoot

Another hypocritical Democrat and another scumbag. Lori Lightfoot, mayor of Chicago, has instituted some of the strictest lockdown orders in the nation. Residents of that blood-soaked city were forced to stay in their homes unless they were doing something deemed “essential” by Her Holiness and Most Royal Highness, Lori Lightfoot the Incompetent.

But, like all despots, Ms. Lightfoot wasn’t much concerned about following the rules she set for her subjects. No, while their businesses were failing and livelihoods disappearing thanks to Ms. Lightfoot’s tyrannical orders, Lori went down to her local hair salon to get a haircut. Like Nancy Antoinette, Her Holiness and Most Royal Highness Lori Lightfoot could not deign to be inconvenienced by the rules she set for her subjects. Well, except for when Joe Biden supposedly won. Then she and many other Democrats went to party in the streets, which would make it seem like ending lockdowns would be safe…

In any case, along with the hair salon similarity, Ms. Lightfoot is also like Nancy because she too is a hypocrite and terrible person that is a prime example of blue state hypocrisy.

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#3: Steve Adler

Most of Texas has been a beacon of liberty during the Covid era. While states like California and New York stayed shut down for months on end, Texas reopened relatively quickly.

Well, most of Texas, that is. Austin is supposedly a quite nice and fun city. But it’s also ruled by yet another scumbag who is emblematic of blue state hypocrisy. That piece of human garbage is Steve Adler. Mr. Adler, unlike other Texans, instituted relatively strict orders in Austin and was trying to guilt his subjects into not traveling or visiting family members during Thanksgiving. In a very heartwarming video, Mr. Adler discussed why they couldn’t risk making their own decisions and instead had to remain at home.

But, it turns out that that video was filmed from Mexico. Mr. Adler had attended a wedding and then flew down, on a private jet no less, to his timeshare in Mexico.

In other words, Mr. Adler tried to ruin the businesses and lives of everyone who lived in Austin so that he would seem “tough on Covid” and then jetted off to have a nice vacation. A vacation, incidentally, that the residents of Austin were forbidden from having. Adler is yet another example of blue state hypocrisy and Democrat rulers not following their own orders.

#4: Gavin Newsom

Much of California has been under strict lockdown orders since March thanks to the Governor of the People’s Republic of California, Gavin Newsom. Like the aforementioned examples of Democrats not following their own orders and blue state hypocrisy, Mr. Newsom decided against following those lockdown rules himself. While Californians, especially small business and restaurant owners, watched their businesses collapse and their bank accounts plummet, Mr. Newsom dined out at The French Laundry, a $400 a plate restaurant, for a birthday dinner with his lobbyist friends.

Not only that, but, in a state where indoor dining has been more or less verboten since March, Mr. Newsom was dining indoors. With a large number of people. While his state decays and the denizens of it wallow in poverty, crime, and diseases not seen since medieval times. He’s yet another example of Democrat tyranny and hypocrisy during Covid.

#5: Mayor London Breed

The final example of blue state hypocrisy and Democrats not following their orders that I’ll discuss is London Breed, the mayor of San Francisco. San Francisco might be the city with the strictest lockdown in the US. Now, even outdoor dining is forbidden in that leftist hell-hole.

Well, forbidden for us mere peons. While the petty tyrants like Mayor London Breed created incredibly strict rules, they never intended on following them, which is why Mayor Breed dined out at the French Laundry, indoors, just one day after Gavin Newsom. “Rules for thee but not for me” seems to be the motto of the Democratic Party.

Sundry Other Examples of Blue State Hypocrisy:

  1. A mayor in South Texas went to a nail salon in defiance of her own stay at home orders
  2. The Broward County democrat mayor broke his own order and attended a fundraiser with many more than 10 people
  3. Gretchen Whitmer’s husband demanded to be allowed to go fishing while his wife’s lockdown orders meant no one else could
  4. San Jose Mayor Sam Liccardo attended a large Thanksgiving gathering.
  5. D.C. Mayor Muriel Bowser travelled to Delaware for an election night party for Biden, which she deemed to be “essential travel.”
  6. Los Angeles County Supervisor Sheila Kuehl was seen eating outdoors at Il Forno Trattoria in Santa Monica just hours after voting to ban outdoor dining in Los Angeles County
  7. Sen. Dianne Feinstein was seen without a mask in the Senate’s hallways in November
  8. Denver Mayor Michael Hancock flew to Mississippi for Thanksgiving while his office was urging Denver residents to stay home.
  9. Gov. Andrew Cuomo planned on hosting two of his daughters and his 89-old mother for Thanksgiving after previously telling New Yorkers to stay home and not hold big gatherings for that holiday. His plans changed after they were found out by furious citizens.
  10. Brooklyn Borough President Eric Adams held a crowded fundraiser indoors even as the state encouraged New Yorkers to limit indoor gatherings

Conclusion: The Blue State Hypocrisy Is Very Evident. Don’t Listen to the Democrat Governors, Mayors, and Politicians that Won’t Even Follow their Own Orders

The Democrats are hypocrites. They create rules that they want us to follow but never intend on following themselves. And, thanks to those regulations, which are supposedly “for our benefit,” tens of thousands of businesses have closed, millions of lives have been ruined, and America is a worse place.

Call out the blue state hypocrisy that is so evident. Share this list of names so that all Americans can know what Democrats are creating rules that they themselves openly disregard. Hypocrisy is evil. It must be exposed and defeated.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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