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BLM Commies Show Their True Colors by Siding with the Cuban Regime

Remember how I and many others said that BLM is a Marxist organization? Remember how pretty much every outspoken conservative noted the Marxist nature of the critical race theory arguments pushed by groups like Black Lives Matter? Well, all of that was proven right; BLM commies have shown their true colors by siding with the evil Cuban regime.

That’s right. In a recent statement released by the group, the BLM commies attacked America and acted as apologists for the murderous thugs in charge in Cuba. Here’s what the statement said:

In the statement, each section of which you can click on to enlarge and read, there are a whole lot of lies and a whole lot of idiocy.

For example, the BLM commies made their logo a rainbow for some reason. While many leftist organizations have done that, it’s a bit ironic that the organization shilling for the Cuban communists is pro-gay considering Che Guevara’s ill treatment of homosexuals. While I stand against the degeneracy of the homosexual propagandists and tyrants, it does seem a bit disingenuous to claim to be supporting them while also cheering on the man that murdered them.

But there are comments of more import. One is that BLM portrays Cuba’s role in “black liberation struggles in Angola” as a good thing; that war was fought between Western forces and communist forces, with the US on the side of the West. By backing the Angolans, BLM is openly siding against the United States and with the tyrannical, communist regime in Cuba.

Then there’s the obvious lie about Cuban medical care, which is far from being as wonderful as the modern communists like to portray.

Yet worse is that the statement refuses to mention any crimes committed by the Cuban government, namely its tyrannical treatment of protesters and stifling of dissent while portraying the US as the bad guy.

Imagine if the US treated BLM like the Cuban government treated pro-liberty protesters…surely such anti-free speech violence wouldn’t be ignored by the group. But, of course, leftists have never been known for their consistency, so BLM gets away with ignoring the Cuban police state while calling to defund the American police.

Yet, because they’re communists, those evil actions committed by the Cubans are ignored so that the US looks evil by comparison; the BLM commies would rather allow tyranny to flourish in Cuba than liberty to flourish in the US.

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Hence why the group deplores the US’s “inhumane treatment of Cubans,” referring to an embargo meant to stop the spread of communism, yet completely and totally ignores the fact that the Cuban regime jails dissidents, executes protesters in the streets, and prevents its subjects from leaving the state.

Finally, and perhaps worst of all, is the claim of the BLM commies that the US somehow stands against Cuban self-determination and the Cuban regime is protecting the right of its people to self-determination.

That ludicrous argument is proven incorrect by the fact that the Cuban government hasn’t held a single election since Castro’s takeover (how can you have self-determination if the secret police and government-backed thugs attack and imprison you for attempting to determine your future), while the US would prefer for the Cuban people to have the freedom to choose what government they want. A dictatorial takeover of a nation doesn’t count as “self-determination,” free and fair elections do.

None of this should come as a surprise. In addition to the BLM commies, a variety of left-wing lunatics have backed the Cuban government, likely because of their own preference for socialism.

But still, while not surprising, it is disappointing that the left stands on the side of communism and against freedom. It shouldn’t be normal for Americans to hate liberty, whatever their skin color.

By: Gen Z Conservative