October 17, 2020

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Blame Criminals, not Guns

Blame Criminals, not Guns

Blame Criminals, not Guns:

Blame Criminals, not Guns

My Thoughts on Why Americans should Blame Criminals, not Guns:

Many of our liberal friends who are gun control advocates say to blame guns for firearm related violence. Instead of taking an in depth look at crime and what is causing it, they blame the most simple thing they can think of.

Yes, easy access to firearms is a contributing factor to high crime rates in certain areas. But there are a huge number of other things to blame. Fatherlessness, broken down families, and a lack of schooling are all also problems. However, many on the left and right never talk about those problems during the debate about the war on crime. Those are problems that are awkward and somehow offensive to bring up in debate.

Yet the same people that are hesitant to bring up those problems for fear of being “offensive” have no problem vocally assaulting the 2nd Amendment rights of law abiding citizens. Our right to firearms is protected and enshrined by the 2nd Amendment. Assaulting that right should be considered offensive. When talking about violence and crime, blame criminals, not guns.

Additionally, just think about the line of reasoning that this meme represents. What if the same things that are said about guns were said about other objects. Are spoons to blame for obesity? Alcohol for drunk driving? Pencils for bad grades? No, of course not. The person and their character are to blame when they do something wrong, not the object. That should be obvious, and it is obvious to rational people.

Unfortunately, the debate about guns and violence no longer seems to be rational. Instead, it is always emotional. We should strive to be rational and find ways to actually curb violence. I think a focus should be placed on restoring families and improving education, especially about the responsible use of firearms.

Also, we need to make sure the debate remains rational rather than emotional. Emotional debates are arguments or fights, not true debates. Those can never truly be won because the other person’s mind cannot be changed after a fight. They get defensive and stuck in their ways. By keeping the debate rational, we can hopefully change minds. Maybe it will help people realize that they need to blame criminals, not guns.

By: Gen Z Conservative


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