Blame Bloody Biden

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While this abject failure in Afghanistan isn’t that important as a political wedge issue, especially in the long term, for the reasons I discussed in this post, it is important for another reason. That reason is that it has exposed the woke rot in the American military once and for all; now we can see the wages of uniformed leftism once and for all.

Imagine, for a moment (and I promise this relates), you were a Soviet conscript in the Third Battle of Kharhov, desperately slugging it out with the Wehrmacht and Waffen-SS. It’s snowing, the plains of the endless steppe have turned into sucking mud as the city was smashed into rubble, and you and the 3rd SS Totenkopf, one of the most feared divisions of the war, are fighting to the bitter end over some strip of rubble or field of freezing mud. What would you rather have: another battalion of T-34 tanks arriving to support your push against the fascists, or a gang of machine pistol-toting NKVD commissars there to read your mail and ensure you weren’t insulting your mustachioed dictator? Hopefully, you’d wish for the former. Guess what Stalin focused on during the war effort: the latter.

The tanks would mean your survival. The NKVD meant his continued rule. So, you get to die for the fatherland in a human wave attack and another peasant from the Ukraine picks up your rifle before being shipped to the gulag for wondering why he hadn’t been given one to begin with. Even in the cauldron of war, loyalty and politics mattered more to the communist leadership than effectiveness. The USSR almost lost as a result. Our leaders have chosen to follow Stalin’s path of ideological conformity over winning ability.

Fortunately for us, the woke US military isn’t yet that bad. But it’s getting there. The Marines are ditching their tanks but they and the Army are screaming online about diversity and flight suits for pregnant women. The Space Force is seemingly spending more time firing officers that oppose Marxism than trying to make our GPS satellites spam-proof. The Army and Marines just lost a war to goat herders in disastrous fashion and the one Marine officer that dared to express concern was forced out for noting the reality. The Navy keeps crashing the ships that have somehow remained afloat despite a years-long maintenance backlong, yet we’re told the bigger problem is that not enough officers read anti-racist books. The commissars have infected our armed forces.

When things were stable because other parties permitted them to be, that was dangerous but not deadly. Then 13 brave Americans died at the Kabul airport because the woke military was so rotted from within that it couldn’t even protect one airfield. Sure, our Army and Marines aren’t combat-effective anymore, but at least they can recite the names of the most important anti-racists! Maybe they can sing that to the Taliban; doing so would surely teach them that these colors don’t run! And how could they when the only color left is red?

The disaster in Afghanistan is important because it showed us where we can place the blame. It’s not on the Taliban, Islam, or our quick to retreat Afghan “allies.” It’s because Bloody Biden and his friends rotted the military so severely from within that it can’t even win a simple war.

In this case, all that led to was a loss of face and about a dozen dead troops. Sad, of course, but not an existential problem.

If it comes to war with China, if we must finally face down the Red Dragon, then it will be. Our Armed Forces can’t fight. They’re too woke and, as Trump famously said, “everything woke turns to shit.” Even the military.

Blame Bloody Biden. He and his ilk are responsible.

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