January 17, 2021

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big tech is the enemy of freedom

Big Tech is the Enemy of Freedom


If I were to ask you what you think the enemy of freedom is, what would you say? China? Socialism? Cancel culture? All of those would be reasonable answers, but I don’t think they’re the most pressing or important answers. The real answer is that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom. Google, Twitter, and others are acting to stifle free speech and silence conservatives.

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I’m not the only conservative to think that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom. I a recent RealClearPolitics article entitled “Big Brother, Google and the Enemies of Freedom,” author Frank Miele discusses how Big Tech companies are attacking the very foundations of American freedom. It’s an excellent article and one that I highly recommend you read after finishing this article!

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Summary of Why Big Tech is the Enemy of Freedom

First, Miele discusses how Google’s censorship of views it disagrees with shows that it is acting in a similar vein to the Ministry of Truth in George Orwell’s 1984:

Google and its brethren have become the de facto Ministry of Truth, which (as fans of George Orwell’s “Nineteen Eighty-Four” already know) is in fact the Ministry of Lies and Propaganda. Due to congressional malfeasance, Google is the leviathan unleashed without any oversight on a world of unsuspecting information consumers.

From: Big Brother, Google and the Enemies of Freedom

Next, Miele describes the sources of Google’s power and how its harnessing of that power to silence conservatives shows that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom:

Google is answerable to no one. It makes its own rules and there is no effective right of appeal.

Last week, after being goaded by a branch of NBC, Google demonetized ZeroHedge and threatened to do the same to The Federalist because of the way they characterized Black Lives Matter, or maybe because they allowed unrestricted comment on their websites… The Federalist, one of the most important conservative opinion and news sites on the internet, removed its comment section altogether in order to appease the beast that is Google. ZeroHedge, another conservative outlet, has not been so lucky. It has been sent to digital Siberia, where one assumes the rations are limited to bread and water.

From: Big Brother, Google and the Enemies of Freedom

Finally, after discussing the other ways by which social media giants are crushing conservative thought, Miele describes how the fact that the fake news media, Big Tech companies, and Democrats are colluding to hide Democrat malfeasance means that not only is it true that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom, but also that conservatives have a hard time even making their voices heard as they try to push back against leftist narratives:

More and more, mainstream media players like the New York Times, CNN and NBC are working hand in hand with the social media giants to push an agenda rather than to report the news. Moreover, with Google’s economic clout, they can crush their opposition. That makes them the American version of the Chinese Communist Party or the equivalent of the all-powerful Party in “Nineteen Eighty-Four.” Bow to them or you will be silenced. To paraphrase Orwell, “Whatever Google holds to be the truth, is truth.”

From: Big Brother, Google and the Enemies of Freedom

My Take on Why Big Tech is the Enemy of Freedom and a Threat to America

Before delving into why I think that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom, let me start by saying that I hate regulation. Like absolutely, 99%, in almost all situations hate it. In that vein, my thoughts about government intervention in the economy come more or less straight out of Atlas Shrugged and Free Market Revolution. That’s one of the reasons why Trump has had such a successful presidency and will win again in 2020; he has deregulated America to make it great again.

But, in some rare circumstances, industry needs to be reigned in so that it doesn’t destroy society. The Gilded Age was one of those circumstances, for the reasons described in The Republic for Which It Stands. But even then, during the Gilded Age, at least the companies being regulated loved America. Carnegie and Rockefeller might have been monopolists, but they also cared about their country and wanted to make it better.

Now, however, that is no longer the case. Big Tech is the enemy of freedom because our modern tech monopolists don’t care one iota about the country and are just using corporatism and crony capitalism to enrich themselves and their multi-national corporations. Jack Dorsey, Zuckerberg, Sundar Pichai, and the others couldn’t care less about freedom of speech for the average American or what happens to the country. They just care about globalism and putting leftist ideas into action.

That can be seen every day. Twitter silences and bans conservatives. Facebook, in many cases, won’t approve Trump’s campaign ads or even ads with a conservative bent! Google’s SEO blackbox allows it to hide conservative websites and blogs such as this one without any accountability. Even worse, those companies are collaborating with the fake news media and Democrats to spread lies.

That’s a huge problem for America. Well, I guess that’s pretty obvious, how could the fact that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom now be a problem for our country?

But, in any case, conservatives need to wake up to it and, in whatever ways they are able, start fighting back against the Big Tech companies that are vigorously attacking freedom in America and lording their power over us with a vengeance. Gone are the days of a Wild West-type internet. These days, you have far fewer free speech rights online than you do in person, not because of the government, but because of totalitarian-minded tech giants.

Libertarian ideas are well and good, but we shouldn’t let accusations of heresy dissuade us from saving the country. The time has come to regulate Big Tech. If we don’t, it will destroy our country.

Furthermore, there is a difference between free markets and the current situation, where tech oligarchs in Silicon valley have immense power over the rest of America and use buyouts or censorship to stifle the competition and silence political views that they disagree with.


Again, I hate regulations. But this current paradigm is completely unacceptable. Big Tech is the enemy of freedom and hates America. It silences and censors conservatives, is biased against certain views, and wields immense power over our electoral process.

It would be one thing if the tech companies had as much power as they do, but only used it rarely and in a non-biased manner. But that’s not what is happening. As it stands right now, those companies interfere in our elections and are destroying the free speech rights of countless conservative Americans.

That’s why many Americans don’t understand the truth about many issues, such as the fact that Ben Shapiro is right about systemic racism; America isn’t racist, nor is President Trump, but no one knows that. They’re ignorant of those facts because Big Tech is wielding its power to hid the truth.

Conservatives, especially the young conservatives that use social media sites, need to wake up to the fact that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom and start acting accordingly.

Yes, I still use Twitter and Facebook. But as soon as they start trying to limit my speech, I’m switching over to Parler completely. I already have an account there and will only use it more and the others less in the months and years ahead, at least until the government finally recognizes that Big Tech is the enemy of freedom and that it’s time to regulate those companies and make them less powerful.

I’d encourage you to do the same. You don’t need to go cold turkey on the sites that still allow you at least some measure of free speech, but recognize tyranny now that it’s here and start to fight back against the technology tyrants. Start to switch over to pro-free speech platforms. Use DuckDuckGo instead of Google. Use Parler instead of Twitter. Stop using Facebook and don’t click on Facebook Ads. Prefer “the tempestuous sea of liberty” to the unjust yet calmer status quo.

The tech companies will only listen to conservative voices if we start to fight back by hitting them where it hurts; their wallets. Click on ads when you’re on conservative sites, such as this one, and don’t click on ads when you’re on liberal sites, such as CNN or Twitter. In that way, you can reward conservatives and punish liberals. And when you’re on social media, don’t click on any advertisements. Big Tech is the enemy of freedom; hit its wallet by strangling its attempts at revenue generation.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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