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Big Business is Not Your Friend. It’s an Enemy of the Average American

Snap Out of the Absurd, Libertarian Trance: Big Business Is Not Your Friend

For too long, conservatives have been deluded by the radical libertarian idea that any business is better than the government and that regulation should be feared and fought against in any and every case. We have a tendency to immediately think businesses are in the right and government is in the wrong no matter the situation. We lionize corporations and forget that the abominable CEOs of many Big Businesses can be just as tyrannical as the bureaucrats and agents of the state that we rightly find reprehensible That is wrong-headed. Big Business is not your friend.

Now, don’t get me wrong. Normally, regulation is terrible. Biden’s executive orders and penchant for regulation have already destroyed thousands of jobs and will likely destroy many more. Regulations cost the economy over a trillion of dollars a year and are one of the main reasons for our economy’s slow growth. Normally, government action makes a situation far worse than it was to begin with.

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Conservatives have traditionally believed all of that and rightly so. The government is not your friend. It is, at best, an untrustworthy dog that must be kept on a very tight leash.

However, the fact that the government is bad shouldn’t blind you to the fact that Big Business isn’t your friend. The Janus-faced CEOs of companies like Twitter, Facebook, and Google preach the benefits of free speech and the benefits of capitalism while really working to stifle freedom of speech on their platforms and empowering the socialists and corporatists at the expense of true capitalists and the average American.

If you start looking, it shouldn’t be too hard to see that Big Business is not your friend.

The oligarchs at the Big Banks and clearing houses stomped on the recent populist revolt by using their contacts in the aristocracy of pull to stop trading of GameStop, saving the hedge funds and impoverishing the little guys.

Corporatist-minded CEOs and politicians used the Covid pandemic to put small businesses out of business while they raked in record profits.

Twitter, Facebook, Google, and AWS colluded to crush Parler and silence Trump and other conservatives after the Reichstag fire-like event at the Capitol. A wide array of companies donated to BLM and most companies donate to more Democrats than Republicans.

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Our Big Businesses aren’t opposed to Big Government, they actively embrace it. Big Business is not your friend, it’s your enemy.

At first glance, that might be confusing. Why would businesses collude with the bureaucrats, aren’t companies and government naturally opposed to each other?

No. Small businesses and government are naturally opposed to each other. Regulations and unjust laws stifle small businesses, which don’t have the legal teams or regulatory guidance to handle those burdens placed on them by the government.

Big Business, however, loves regulation, which is another reason why Big Business is not your friend. Well, regulation that gives it a step up on small businesses, that is. It has the legal team to navigate the confusing laws. It hires lobbyists to carve out exemptions in the regulatory or legal code. While its smaller competitors drown in a sea of paperwork and are less competitive because of that, Big Business has the resources necessary to keep its head above water.

big business is not your friend

IPOs are increasingly regulated and difficult, so while Big Businesses can easily sell more shares as necessary, smaller businesses have trouble entering the capital markets. Big Business can handle the employee healthcare regulations and mandates. Small businesses can’t. Big Businesses can afford the ridiculous lawsuits allowed by our legal system. Small businesses can’t. Big Business has colluded with the government to rig the system in its favor.

Conservatives need to start recognizing that reality. Thanks to the current state of affairs, Big Business has a significant economic advantage over start-ups and small businesses.

That economic advantage translates into Big Business having significant power over the political system and the average American. Thanks to Citizens United, they can spend as much as they want on political donations. Thanks to the dearth of competition created by the unfair regulatory state, they can do whatever they want to their consumers; Twitter and Facebook can kick you off the online public square and you’ll have nowhere to go, Google can manipulate search results and its unbelievably large market share means you have few real alternatives, and Big Banks can refuse to do business with people (conservatives) with whom they disagree.

All of that means that we’re now facing a crisis of corporate power. Big Business is not your friend; it’s your overlord.

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The results of that have been disastrous. Small businesses have been the backbone of the middle class throughout American history. They teach the value of hard work, entrepreneurism, self-sufficiency, and individualism. Working for a major corporation, on the other hand, is soul-sucking and does nothing but wear you down in the gears of a bureaucracy while a few well-connected members of the managerial and political classes get obscenely wealthy. The middle class has been devastated. Not by government, per se, but by Big Business.

If you’re a conservative, you must start waking up to the fact that Big Business is not your friend. Small businesses are. They provide community, support the middle class, teach American values, and make people independent rather than members of a vast machine. Small businesses are American, Big Businesses aren’t. The middle class is the American ideal. An oligarchy is the very thing we should most fear.

Big Business wants to destroy free thinkers and the traditional American spirit of individual enterprise and entrepreneurship. Banks won’t do business with 2nd Amendment groups, tech companies discriminate against conservatives, and even companies like Costco take political stands, almost always in favor of Democrats. They want America to become a corporatist nation because it makes their lives easier.

We can’t let them. We must support small businesses and strive to regulate Big Business while deregulating small businesses. Cut the red tape for real, American companies while pushing back the influence of those multi-national monstrosities that aspire to lord over us.

The best way to start fighting back as an individual is to hit them where it hurts: in the wallet. Boycott Big Tech, boycott leftist companies, boycott Democrat-leaning companies, and support the conservative companies and small businesses that think like you do. Otherwise, America might be destroyed by Big Businesses.

Simultaneously, push for regulation that would hurt Big Business. Senator Josh Hawley, for example, has some very interesting ideas on how to strike back against Big Tech. We must support him.

Don’t be led astray by the radical libertarians that genuflect and bow at the altar of business. Big Business is not your friend. It’s not a friend of conservatism and it’s not a friend of the average American. Buy local and boycott Big Business!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook