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Big Brother-like Tyranny: The True Plague of Our Time

If now that you are vaccinated, you still are susceptible to every new variant, then you have put yourself in harm’s way for the final Agenda 21 die-off. I imagined, when the Covid first appeared on US TV in December of 2020, that it was the planned mass extermination model for the NWO rollout. And while the body count was high and the tv images were macabre, the corpses weren’t piling up in the streets as a 95% reduction in population would require. Afterward, as facts and statistics (revised statistics) revealed that not only wasn’t this the great die-off, even after wildly manipulated numbers, it barely achieved seasonal flu statistics.

What happened? The way my mind works, I immediately thought that something had interfered with the delivery mechanism, such as ‘James Bond’ destroying the targeting computer in ‘You Only Live Twice‘ or maybe a CIA agent forced an early release of the pathogen, before it could be completely weaponized (told you I was unstable) putting off the destruction of the human race by Spector (ooops I mean The New World Order) until the next movie.

Even though, not having all of the details at the time, I still think this is a compelling plot. But after a year and a half and the surfacing of much evidence I have come up with a revised scenario concerning Specters’ (ooops I mean the NWO again) nefarious plot.

Imagine that the election of Donald Trump threw off the timing of the forces of evil enough that they knew if he were reelected they would not get another chance to enact ‘Operation 95% population reduction’ for at least 2 more generations. Remember that Agenda 21 was proposed in the ’70s and was never really understood until the mid-90’s when Tom DeWeese first started his Paul Revere impression Agenda 21-2030: An Interview with Tom DeWeese.

So suppose that the new world order crowd knew that the slow implementation of the Chinese model (Communism with a Capitalist veneer) was off the table with the election of Trump and instead of letting Agenda 21/2030 linger another 4 years (forcing them to revise all of their paperwork to Agenda 2034) they decided to be proactive. Instead of just unleashing a pathogen and letting the bodies pile up what if they release a dumbed-down virus, simultaneously getting the world population to obey orders from big pharma, inject the world with the precursor to ‘Luciferase™’ and destroy the last vestige of the American Spirit.

Bottom line is that these Globalist evildoers are on a long timeframe and plan on a decades scale instead of the weekly planner model that most of us use. I have witnessed our once trusted medical agencies, CDC, NIH, WHO et al have been found to be either completely clueless in the job description or complicit with the malefactors of the evil. Week upon week their prescriptions changed for us plebes while they were disregarding the dictates that they assured us would be fatal to ignore. They forced businesses into bankruptcy with lockdowns and Social Distancing, (a term that still sticks in my throat) while simultaneously allowing their minions, BLM and Antifa, to burn city centers and government buildings to the ground.

Agenda 21 is backed up by a global warming premise Agenda 21-2030: An Interview with Tom DeWeese which has been debunked as many times as it has been promoted, but the MSM has chosen a side and that is the only point of view most people hear.

Imagine, if you will, a theory proposed in the 70’s that the world was cooling and when that didn’t pan out, it switched to Global warming and when the models predicted just the opposite of the data it changed to CLIMATE CHANGE a true catchall phrase to be trotted out anytime the ‘little people’ are required to lean in a certain direction or perform a certain dance to save us from the sun monster.


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That the MSM propaganda machine manipulates their followers is pretty obvious, heavily promoting their POV (point of view) and suppressing ALL dissent. That is one of the main reason that is used to upend the entire system that runs so efficiently in the USA.

I know, I can hear you saying ” The American system runs efficiently? We argue endlessly over everything and half the time nothing gets done” “Exactly” I reply succinctly, that was part of the wonderous design, that the founders envisioned, a way to allow human freedom and encourage human flourishing and tie the politicians up in knots in a maze made out of mirrors to make it hard to screw it up.

But leave it to Americans, the wonderful breed of human for whom, no mountain is too high, no problem to complex that we couldn’t come up with a solution and purposefully screw up a good thing. I admit that recently we have had outside help in this endeavor, but we brought our own selves to the doorstep of ruin in a purely American fashion of planting the seeds of our downfall in shortsighted and conspiratorial laws.

Let’s work backward:

1.   Patriot Act – We had already a firmly established surveillance infrastructure with traffic and security cameras becoming popular not to mention a robust internet just looking for a reason and government sanction for a reason to spread like moss on the north side of a tree.

2.   Great Society – LBJ incentivizes the breakup of what had been until this time a very strong culture of family and patriotism. After this seditious act, almost immediately the family structure in the Black communities started to fall apart and every 4 years Democrats would round up ‘their’ voters promising free stuff and freedom from oppression.

3.   New Deal – FDR took a deep recession and turned it into a depression by taking over large sectors of the economy and making the govt responsible for welfare and forced savings by confiscating an individuals’ wages and placing them in the Ponzi scheme that was, and is, Social Security. He also took the country off of the gold standard and paid holders of gold less than 2/3 of what they ‘determined’ it was worth when they owned it. I would say that Prohibition and speculation by unregulated banks was the cause and FDR did some good and innovative things to alleviate the problems but like any big govt program what works in the short term becomes larger bureaucracy and communism in the long term.

4.   Federal Reserve – A private bank to control the nations’ money system – what could go wrong?

There were earlier signs that the nation was heading away from individual freedom and towards a ‘super contractarianism’ (a term I learned while reading about Thomas Hobbes) which I see as devolving into Communism with the State making, imposing, and eventually being the only beneficiary of the contract, but these are the examples I see where the ball started to roll downhill really fast.

So when the virus showed up from – CHINA – and the little Fascist Dr. Fauci, and then every other petty dictator, started making up more and more onerous demands… most people, because most people believed the talking heads on TV, went along because it was a compelling song and dance, sort of like Bob Hope and Bing Crosby (yes I am that old; and for you young whipper snappers look it up on that internet thingy) and did their patriotic duty of 2 weeks to slow the spread. We trusted our government even after what Donald J Trump had told us, and the CDC? Of course we trusted our doctors.

I don’t watch TV and I didn’t wear the mask once until I needed something from my local hardware store (ACE…) they insisted and I was too lazy to resist and go down the street. But the majority of people in my little corner of Virginia comply without question. I still shake my head in disbelief when I see people, old and young, riding alone in their cars with a mask on, where is my America and the people who carved it out of a wilderness.

So now lets’ move forward:

We have a situation, in which, the U.S., like China, has an absolute Gazillion cameras watching our every move, and data collection from our public services, like Google search engines and GPS recording our tracks, and sending targeted advertising. The NSA’s facility in Utah is storing, collating, and sifting that data to determine if their subjects are behavingAll taken together it paints quite the authoritarian nightmare scenario, Or as Joseph Heller said in his novel Catch 22  ‘Just because you’re paranoid doesn’t mean they aren’t after you.’  – Joseph Heller

With all of this spying and storing and targeting going on, what do you suppose is the reason that our gov’t in the form of, what used to be the best spy agency in the world but now seems to have caught the ‘woke’ nonsense, is planning on doing with all of their big brain knowledge? Inter-agency jeopardy tournaments? 500,000 sq. ft. floorplan size crossword puzzles? Maybe a Bitcoin processing facility (that may not be satire). No, I think they want to keep a close eye on their citizens, subjects, prisoners. When passports are considered government largesse as opposed to a statement of protection when traveling overseas, guess how they view the question.


So let’s say Dick goes to the hardware store and buys some high-grade fertilizer to turn his cityfied lawn, which is clay 6″ below the turf, into a small urban garden because he loves fresh tomatoes and the farmers market is closed due to Covid restrictions. And let’s further speculate that Dicks’ neighbor Jane came back from the store with 3 boxes of 12 gauge shotgun shells (they haven’t killed it yet) she bought for her terrorist deterrent tool.

Now, because they both used credit cards which allow the Death Star (I mean the NSA data center) to aggregate, collate and disseminate data more quickly, the local FBI was informed of a possible terrorist cell, domestic terrorists, much higher on the FBI radar than those nice Muslim terrorists who are more like Apu from the Simpsons, and take them down ‘Roger Stone style’, complete with the news appendage, and helicopters to film them before being sent quietly to Guantanamo Bay.

And I didn’t even have to mention that Dick called his Army buddy and told him to come over for a ‘blowout’ to get you on board.

In that two-tiered system, we have one Cuba for Democrats and a completely different one for Republicans

More reality; now that all this data is in the can and searchable, any time you go to Walmart, (you have to go to Walmart because all competition has been eliminated due to Covid) just count the number of cameras in the parking lot, and around the outside of the store. Ok, get your calculator out and go into the store, I have never counted them but if there aren’t 100 cameras watching every movement of every shopper, I’d be surprised (I won’t say ‘I’ll kiss your ass’, because like I said I’ve never counted them and, I just ain’t thatta way).

Last but not least, go to any one of the parking lot exits and check for all of the cameras you can see at the intersection (lots of them). You, Amigo, have allowed 21st century Big Brother to steal a march on you while you were planting tomatoes.

But believe it or not, all is not lost. I say this with all sincerity because like everything the left does it is a crumbling, decrepit edifice held together by inflationary strings. They have sold the America people, and I would argue all the people in the world, a bill of goods a rotten melon, that when pressure is applied will show itself to be rotten to the core.

The hollow promises of Socialism (Communism’s gateway drug) are paper tigers and lies that are only held together by the propaganda media and an education system that started the totalitarian indoctrination in universities and worked its way down to where it is now, with transgender story hour in Kindergarten. And if you hadn’t noticed, our House plant of a President just promised to use his unlimited resources to start influencing children and adults alike to embrace the State by letting you put your children in their care 2 years earlier, at taxpayer expense.

The workers and ‘intellectuals’ that are produced are also hollow and lacking in any true knowledge and substance. Grit and determination are so rare that thinking and/or fighting their way out of a paper bag is really something they will never be able to claim as skills. Any upstanding children that are produced by, and are, products of parents with heartland values and deeply determined minds. The coastal elites are constantly disparaging anyone who believes in God and the rights guaranteed in our American Charter, or believes that one day, taking up arms against Communists will be the only way to keep them.

There is more, all this surveillance while it is unnerving is a very onerous way for the bad guys to track us and restrict us from participating in society even that isn’t the crying part of the onion Overwhelming Proof, the Vaccine Passport Is a TRAP  but that by getting everyone to line up for stick in the arm, twice with this round, and who knows how many variants that are planned, that is purely my speculation, I have no article to prove it) but you can be sure, if the people who back revoking your rights if you don’t submit, will be fully involved in keeping the ‘do what I tell you to do or else’ train rolling on clear tracks.

I have a funny feeling (funny really isn’t the correct word) that Bill Gates is not buying millions of acres in the mid-west and Africa and AOC isn’t promoting striking beef from the diets of everyone that isn’t AOC because of their devotion to the well-being of we the deplorables.

And if the Luciferase patent is everything I am sure Bill Gates hopes it is then the sheeple will be fully primed to lose their soul.

By: David Gignac. Follow Gen Z on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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