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Joe Biden’s Presidency Signature Talking Point: “C’mon Man, That’s What Happened” Satire

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Your alleged President just figured a new, fireproof way to follow the science. When you question his wisdom, his leadership, or his mental acuity, he will produce a full list of disasters that he created, and he will state a simple scientific truth: “that’s simply what happened!”

When you have “the leader of the government getting on a plane and going to another country” because his life is in danger  – that’s what happened.

When you have an army – the very army that you told us was “well equipped and ready to fight” – “leaving their equipment and taking off”  –– that’s what happened. When women are killed and mutilated by the savages you unleashed on them – that’s what happened.

When people are falling off planes trying to escape the mayhem that you created – that’s what happened.

When women are throwing their children over the barbed wire hoping the strangers would save them from the Taliban – that’s what happened.

Biden On Afghanistan: It’s Not MY Fault, It’s Theirs

In Joe Biden’s world, things always happen.  You know, this “seasonal” catastrophe on the Southern border?  Or that “transitory” inflation that caused your food to double in price?  Or carnage that criminals cause in your city because of “racial, gender, and income-based disparities in the system?”  That’s just what happens.

If you are objecting to the chaos “happening” under the Biden administration, you are just a science denier. Things “happen” – that is one thing you cannot dispute. And if that makes you grumpy, just wait a few days, and you will feel better – Joe Biden does.

You know, that death and destruction in Afghanistan that Joe Biden manufactured? “That happened four days ago!” And Joe has a plan to solve it – a nice four-day vacation. And when he comes back, he will declare your criticism silly because you obsess about a problem that already happened!

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You should just leave Joe alone and let him deal with the more pressing problems, like wasting government resources on mandating that preschoolers wear masks.

 RWR original article syndication source.