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Biden’s Poll Numbers Slide Yet Again

By: Dovonan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

It’s time for an update on Biden’s poll numbers. It has been a long and disastrous first year of the Biden regime with soaring gas prices, rising inflation a major crisis at the border, and tyrannical vaccine mandates.  Joe was “elected” on the notion he was a unifier and that he would “shut down the virus”, although more people have “died from” Covid under his watch than Trump’s.

Biden has shown to be nothing short of incompetent and divisive and it is showing in his poll numbers as voters gave them a shellacking in the 2021 elections. So where does Uncle Joe stand?

A recent USA Today/Suffolk poll has Biden at a 37.8% approval rating and 59% disapproval among. Not surprisingly but yet encouraging, it also shows that if the midterms were held today, Republicans would defeat Democrats 46-38%.

Our great Vice President in name only is doing much worse as only 28% give her a thumbs up compared to 51% who disapprove of the job she is doing among those who were surveyed. She is such an unlikeable person, goodness. I wonder if she will be laughing

To make matters worse, 64% said they don’t want to see Biden run again and 46% feel he has done a worse job than expected. That includes 28% of Democrats and Independents by a whopping 7-1 margin, ouch. If the presidential election were held today, Donald Trump would beat Biden 44-40%.

In a more broad range of polling, Real Clear Politics shows Biden’s poll numbers at 42.7% approval and 51.3% disapproval. This is a complete and sharp reversal from where he was a week after he was installed in the White House when he enjoyed a 55.5% approval and 36% disapproval.

FiveThirtyEight is worse, with a collective approval rating of 42.5% and 51.2% disapproval. My last update was October 26th and his approval rating was 43.4%.

I think a lot of voters across the country feel like this young man in Virginia who says Biden turned him into a Republican:

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Biden is trash

Trump likely to announce 2024 bid after midterms

Donald Trump has said he will probably wait until after the midterms to announce his candidacy for 2024. I personally have always felt an announcement should come after the 2022 elections. It puts him in a good position to stay continue to be active in the political scene and endorse America First candidates, without overshadowing the midterms itself and making him the main talking point.

“I think a lot of people will be very happy, frankly, with the decision, and probably will announce that after the midterms. “It doesn’t mean I will,” Trump said of whether he will stick to that timeline. “It’s probably appropriate, but a lot of people are waiting for that decision to be made.”

Trump continues to fundraise like someone who is running for president. Trump’s Save America PAC was sitting on $90 million as of June 30th and according to the Washington Post, he is raising over $1 million per week.

What is looking like to be a route next year in the midterms which will result in Republicans making large gains in Congress and Biden’s tanking poll numbers, Donald Trump has to be feeling pretty good about heading into 2024.