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Biden’s Plan to Divide America

Joe Biden and his cabal of Fascist handlers suffered a setback Friday when a Food and Drug Administration (FDA) opinion on China virus boosters was upheld by an independent review panel.

The FDA had Wednesday. by a 16-2 vote, declined to authorize the CCP virus booster shot Biden declared “absolutely necessary” just a month ago. The FDA said the currently available vaccines provide sufficient protection against severe disease and death from Covid-19 without additional doses

The Biden administration had targeted next week to start widely distributing the extra shots ― already bought and paid for by the U.S. government ― to counter contagious variants such as Delta. The regime had also claimed there were signs of waning immunity among the vaccinated. Evidence supporting the need for an extra dose hasn’t been conclusive.

The Biden cabal has been pushing especially hard for the booster, at least four regime officials telling Politico in August that the current vaccines are not efficacious. That begs the question, why did the puppet masters behind Biden have him mandate vaccines that allegedly don’t work as billed?

The initial round of protection provided by the shots, according to Biden’s Department of Health and Human Services (HHS), is gone after just a few months. The FDA did not agree, nor did the independent panel that reviewed the FDA’s decision prior to its public release Friday.

The agency did approve a booster for the immune-compromised and those over 65, but the findings the FDA released on Wednesday and they were approved on Friday by the independent panel immediately complicated things for the White House. White House press secretary Jen Psaki said Wednesday that the data would only serve to inform the deliberations of the panels advising the FDA and the CDC.

A Centers for Disease Control (CDC) committee on vaccines, which will meet next week to discuss boosters, had expressed preliminary support last month for booster doses, specifically for groups at high risk for severe disease and death.

FDA scientists wrote Wednesday that they considered concerns that recent studies showing diminished levels of antibodies and weaker protection against symptomatic China virus variants may result in additional severe disease, and that the highly contagious Delta variant has further spread the virus.

Yet they expressed skepticism that an apparent diminished protection is rendering the vaccines less effective. Some observational studies have suggested Pfizer-BioNTech’s vaccine, over time, offers less protection against symptomatic disease or against Delta, while others haven’t. The FDA also pointed out that, though the variant is more contagious, it is not nearly as deadly.

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This decision that failed to endorse the Biden overseer’s wishes may have triggered actions the regime took earlier this week. Seven Southern U.S. states, six led by Republican governors, say they are now facing shortages of monoclonal antibody treatments for the China virus after the federal government took over the distribution, citing the need for “equity.”

Monoclonal antibodies (MAB) are lab-created proteins that help those already infected deal with the virus. They have been intensively deployed in Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, Mississippi, Tennessee and Texas ― states dealing with the recent surge of Delta-variant cases. With the exception of Louisiana, they are all run by Republicans.

On Wednesday ― the same day the FDA’s stance on the booster was issued ― the Biden administration announced it would take over the distribution of these treatments using the Defense Production Act and would be centralizing them under HHS. An HHS spokesperson said this was being done to avoid shortages, as the seven states account for the vast majority of all orders.

“Given this reality, we must work to ensure our supply of these life-saving therapies remains available for all states and territories, not just some,” the spokesperson said. “HHS will determine the amount of product each state and territory receives on a weekly basis. State and territorial health departments will subsequently identify sites that will receive product and how much.

“This system will help maintain equitable distribution, both geographically and temporally, across the country – providing states and territories with consistent, fairly-distributed supply over the coming weeks.”

The great irony in that statement is that those seven states use a little more than 70 percent of the monoclonals used in the fight against the CCP virus nationwide. Other red states haven’t found the need to use them because their infection rates are so low for the Delta virus, whereas those seven states have experienced major increases in the China virus infections because of the proliferation of Delta. Blue states have been brainwashed by the Fascist Left not to use monoclonals in China virus treatment.

Gov. Ron DeSantis (R-FL) who has clashed with President Joe Biden on other virus policies ― from mask mandates to compulsory vaccination ― said that the move has resulted in cutting the supply to his state by more than 50 percent. The federal government has allocated fewer than 31,000 doses to Florida this week, while the average need for hospitals and state clinics is 72,000, his office said.

DeSantis said on Thursday that he has reached out to GlaxoSmithKline, another pharmaceutical company, to purchase their MAB treatment in order to make up the shortfall.

In Texas, the Biden administration told the state to reduce its use of the therapeutic treatment that has literally been saving lives and reducing hospitalizations. that is according to Montgomery administrative judge Mark Keough, said in a Facebook post on Tuesday. Montgomery County is just north of Houston.

“The manufacturer has confirmed supplies are ample but due to the Defense Production Act, the White House and it’s agencies are the only entities who can purchase and distribute this treatment,” Keough added.

“So, less than a week after the president tells us his patience is wearing thin and he is mandating vaccines to millions of Americans, his administration limits and all but removes a non-controversial and highly successful treatment from our war chest of combating this virus,” he said.

One DeSantis aide said that the HHS hasn’t adequately explained its move, or given a warning. Other than a vague statement about equity, the HHS response to inquiries from the seven states haven’t carried a lot of substance.

“Sorry that doesn’t cut it,” a DeSantis aide told Real Clear Politics Thursday. “No explanation of how the allocation was determined. No explanation of why it’s only Florida and a few other red states being restricted. No warning.”

“How is it equitable to only send treatment for HALF the Floridians who need it, & NO state sites in Alabama?” DeSantis’s press secretary Christina Pushaw asked on Twitter.

She also pointed out that, just weeks ago, Democrats and their allies in the corporate press were claiming that MAB treatments were a scam to enrich a DeSantis donor ― prompting a war of words. It is beyond irony to note the regime has now suddenly pivoted to claiming that Florida is using too many doses.

Some pundits are going so far as to speculate that the move is part of a “civil war” ― a monoclonal war, if you will (apologies to Star Wars) ― in the U.S., since six out of seven states hardest-hit by HHS rationing are run by Republicans, and incumbent Donald Trump won all of them in the 2020 election.

More and more of the American public are waking up to the fact that Biden’s Fascist co-conspirators are using the virus, the vaccines and their illegal and unconstitutional “executive authority” exercised through Biden as a wedge against our democratic republic with the sole intent and purpose being to create a dictatorship in place of a duly elected government.

That became evident nine days ago, on September 9, to all but the Ultra-Left denizens who remain Biden supporters. It was that day Biden’s cabal violated at least two constitutional precepts in issuing his so-called vaccine mandates directing all federal employees ― except Congress and the Postal Service ― to be vaccinated, as well as forcing every business in the U.S. with 100 or more employees to be vaccinated or face massive fines.

Interestingly, the mandate did not apply to illegal immigrants walking across the border. The vast majority of Delta variant cases being diagnosed in the South are being traced back to contact with an illegal alien. We can’t make this stuff up. This Fascist administration is not incompetent, it is subversive, deliberately undermining the stability of the U.S. government in order to overthrow it.

We could go one and on. The failure in Afghanistan and the inexplicably ass-backward withdrawal of the troops ahead of the safe retrieval of equipment, the evacuation of civilians, all before the troops go home. The result, of course, was the tragic death of 13 U.S. military men and women, the wounding of 20 more and the deaths, dismemberment and other causalities of Afghan civilians.

He promised unity but has delivered partisanship. He failed to fully reopen schools for America’s public school students but has opened our borders to illegal immigrants. He has killed thousands of American jobs through crushing regulations while reviving the radical Green New Deal and other extreme climate policies. In fact, at Biden’s 100-day mark in office, Rep. James Come (R-KY), ranking member on the House Committee on Oversight and Reform, put out a list of 100 failures of the Biden cabal.

We are witnessing a bloodless coup that is progressing on a daily basis. When are we going to wake up and do something about it?

Mike Nichols is a conservative, a patriot, U.S. Army veteran, licensed professional counselor, political enthusiast, sports fan and writer living with his beautiful wife Liz in the Heartland. He has a regular blog at America’s Conservative Voice on Substack and a Facebook presence at Americas Conservative Voice-Facebook.