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Did We Just Hear Biden’s ‘Malaise’ Speech?

As I watched President Asterisk describing his vaccine mandate, I had a déjà vu moment. The nation had just heard his “malaise” speech.

Jimmy Carter gave the original “malaise” speech — though it was actually called the “Crisis of Confidence” speech. In 1979, America was facing Carter’s cascade of crises — high unemployment, an energy shortage, skyrocketing inflation, and spiking interest rates. Carter addressed the nation and attributed our failure to address these problems to a “crisis of confidence.” While the speech was intended to unify Americans in addressing the problems of the day, it had the opposite effect. The only unification that it achieved was the collective realization that our leadership had failed us.

What became known as the “malaise” speech was our president telling us he had lost faith in us. It forever defined Carter’s presidency as faithless and impotent. The next year, he lost his re-election bid to Ronald Reagan.

President Reagan provided a textbook demonstration of true leadership. With a sunny disposition, he showed unbridled confidence in the American people. He believed in us, and we believed in him. America emerged from the problems of the 1970s in just a few short years.

This brings us to Joe Biden’s announcement of his vaccine mandate. It was angry, with him railing at the American people that we had failed him. He said he had lost patience with us and was therefore going to place mandates upon us. It too will come to define his presidency. September 9 will be known as the day he declared his intent to rule by force rather than govern by leadership.

He effectively acknowledged that he has failed as a leader. But what really rankles is this: after he personally made the Taliban the most dangerous terrorist organization in the world, he dares to lecture us? On the eve of 9/11?

We’re in no mood to be chided by an angry, senile old fool. After all of his failures, he had no right to act as if he knows what is best for us. He should be begging for our forgiveness, not expressing disappointment in us.

That the Democrats tacitly endorse this nonsense should condemn them electorally for years to come. This mandate deprives Americans of “life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness” without due process. It’s an offense to the Constitution they swore to defend. The party of “my body, my choice” is now mandating that all Americans submit to an experimental treatment for which the long-term effects are unknown. 

The hypocrisy is breathtaking.

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The “malaise” speech came to define the Carter presidency. He will forever be known as the president who had no faith in the American people. Biden’s September 9 announcement will define his presidency as well. He will forever be known as the president who had open contempt for his countrymen.

Both the Carter and Biden speeches mark a symbolic ending of sorts. Not necessarily of their time in office, but rather an end to their leadership. No man can lead people whom he doesn’t believe in.

By John Green, Blue State Conservative

John Green is a political refugee from Minnesota, now residing in Idaho.  He currently writes at the American Free News Network (  He can be followed on Facebook or reached at

This article was first published by American Thinker.