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Biden’s Incompetence Can – And Must – Energize The Conservative Movement

Joe Bribe’ems’ incompetence can unintentionally lead us out of the swamp.

Old Joe has made enough mistakes for ten presidents. The question becomes: Are the problems associated with mental decline and corruption enough to energize enough people so as to stop our rapid descent from world leader to third world status?  It has taken quite a slap in the face to wake the American people up, but I believe we have reached the crossroads.  Do we save the republic and remain a beacon of freedom or do we snivel into a new dark age?

Political leaders who identified with the underlying conservative beliefs in the citizenry appear fairly frequently throughout our recent history. The labor vote began to move to the conservative side during World War 2 after seeing the results of socialism espoused by the Roosevelt and the National Socialists. This finale of the situation has resulted in our current democrat party desperately attempting to replace white labor with illegal aliens that will vote to continue their relevance.  Teddy Kennedy and LBJ realized this situation in 1965 and provided the legal basis of the current wave of primitives destroying our cultural heritage. 

The last third party candidate to win an electoral vote was Strom Thurmond . He personified an underground current of conservative fear of socialism in the democrat party of Roosevelt and Truman.  The democrat/socialists had been cruising unimpeded down the road since Frank Roosevelt was elected. That and fear of the civil rights legislation created 39 electoral votes for a third party candidate for president. The loss of these conservative voters helped Truman beat Dewey.

George Wallace became the next popular star twenty years later in 1972.  His appeal extended across the country as many were afraid of forced integration and takeover of our school system by civil rights activists.  He achieved 13% of the popular vote, but was shot at a rally and had to withdraw from the election.

Ross Perot was an example of an early version of Donald Trump.  He also had his own wealth and was impossible for the World Economic Forum to control. Perot received 19% of the popular votes in 1992 and 1996.  He also believed in putting America first.  His quote “the giant sucking sound you hear is American jobs going to Mexico” perfectly predicted the coming holocaust of the American economy under globalists.  Unfortunately, the bankers still won because he siphoned enough votes from Bush so that dollar bill Clinton became a minority president.  

The tea party again reflected the idea that some US citizens do think for themselves as this group was a self-organized party designed to defend the US citizen from the predations of the banking set.  They were pilloried by the media and illegally persecuted by the Obama IRS in his quest to keep his handlers happy.

Mr. Trump was elected by these same citizens in the hope that he could be the agent of the people instead of the bankers.  He is a New York real estate developer with great experience paying off politicians for the favors necessary to work in New York.  The problem with him is the same problem with Ross Perot.  He does not require anything that these Wall Street crowd can give him.  Therefore they tried to pillory him continually.

As we see from the above examples there is always a significant group of Americans ready to make major changes in our governments’ structural corruption.  The question is what situation will bring the great majority of Americans off of the couch?

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Joe Bribe’em has turned into a stop sign on our current path to world government.  His mental deficiencies and international scams are well known.  He was put in place to lead the final push towards the WEF socialist control program.  A puppet was needed and he certainly fills the bill.  

The cost of all that got him elected were a pittance for his handlers.  Unfortunately for Wall Street, the usual incompetent political class was hired to do the dirty work.  Seeing it all in broad daylight, not to mention the idiocies of the flu bug, has brought many citizens to their feet.  The humiliating retreat in Afghanistan could have been easily thwarted but was not which has enraged many other voters.

The tin foil hat crowd as well as the observant citizen have had their fears and conspiracy theories validated.  The defenestration of President Trump has moved the majority of Americans to realize how corrupt their system is.  We used to laugh at Mexico, Haiti and the African countries for their corruption.  Now we are in the spotlight as an international joke.

Any of the candidates mentioned above would have been easily elected if the current level of theft and corruption had been uncovered at the time.  The American people have been pushed too far and we shall soon see if they tolerate it.

Joe Bribe ‘em is the stop sign to wake up our country before the cliff.

The Madame. This article originally appeared on Blue State Conservative