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Humor: Joe Biden’s America

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If one thing describes Joe Biden’s America better than anything else, it’s a slow-motion car crash. We could all see it coming and knew how terrible it would be, so watching is painful, but looking away is impossible.

Rather than write the same tired phrases about Joe, I’ve decided to include the three videos of Joe Biden’s America that, I think, best show what the nation has become under his “leadership.” Enjoy the Biden’s America car crash compilation:

A plane representing our desertion of Afghanistan, those desperately trying to cling to it falling from the sky. A mass of humanity pushing past the border like Alaric’s horde of Goths, ready to pillage the nation as an insouciant, useless “leader” sits idly by. And our demented president looking like he’s falling asleep during a meeting with one of our closest allies. That’s the Biden disaster. He’s a disgrace.

By: Gen Z Conservative