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The Top 7 Worst Moments from Biden’s Disasterous Town Hall

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Biden’s Car Crash of a Town Hall: The 7 Worst Moments

Well, Biden tried doing a town hall with CNN’s Anderson Cooper on the night of February 16th and it went about as expected. Well, about as conservatives and Biden realists might expect. He was senile the whole time, couldn’t make a point, and made numerous nonsensical remarks that point toward his lecherous and senile state. As an American, it’s embarrassing that our Commander in Chief is such a train wreck. But, as a conservative that has been writing for months now about Biden’s obvious senility, it was pretty funny, if still painful, to watch.

Now, without further ado, here are the 7 best (or worst?) moments from Biden’s CNN town hall. Some are funny, some are horrifying, and some just make you shake your head. As a disclaimer, I will use Twitter links in this article. While I still firmly believe that we should boycott Big Tech, I can’t currently imbed Parler links and these tweets contain good clips of the scenes I want to use. So, out of necessity, I’m using them. If I can find a way to replace them with embedded Parler or Rumble links later, I will.

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Hilarious Moment #1: Biden Doesn’t Know Where He Is in the Morning

Methinks he’s senile.

#2: Biden Thinks Genocide is a “Cultural Norm” Okay, Joe…

I’m glad such a wise sage is in charge of the most powerful nation on Earth.

#3: Biden Wants to Give 11 Million Illegal Immigrants a Pathway to Citizenship

Well, I suppose this one isn’t that surprising given that Biden sent a “release them all” email to ICE and is planning on letting thousands of illegal immigrants into the US. But it’s still scary.

Slow Joe Moment #4: Biden Thinks Minorities Can’t Use Computers

Like I said in my post on how the left’s attempts to rewrite the English language are Orwellian, I think the left’s attempt to rewrite what “racist” means is horrifying. But, frankly, indicating that minorities are too dumb to use the internet might be racist. Plus, I’m pretty sure Biden isn’t able to use the internet.

#5: The Scariest Moment- Biden Wants to Keep America Locked Down for Another Year

Might be a tad too long, no?

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#6: Biden Utters an Inconvenient Truth, then Quickly Corrects Himself

This might be the saddest one. Biden got something right, criminal violence is the bigger problem, not police brutality! But then he bowed to the woke mob before it was too late and corrected himself. Our leaders should stand for the truth, not radical leftist agendas.

#7: A Senile Joe Moment, What the Hell Does this Mean?

I think I might be able to decipher what he was trying to get at…but then again, maybe not. Perhaps Cornpop could shed some light on what he meant.


It’s sad, it really is. Biden is obviously senile and in thrall to the most radical members of his party. His coherent answers came out of far left field and his other answers were classic Joe Biden moments. His gaffes are legendary and these were no different.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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