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Biden Too? Tech Firm Implicated in Durham Bombshell Did This for Biden

Hillary apparently went all in on the 2016 election, cashing in whatever resources and contacts she had in a desperate attempt to win by framing Trump as a Russian spy and then, when she lost and was humiliated, dropping an albatross around his neck by framing him as a Russian spy by capturing and washing internet data.

An important question about that, however, hasn’t yet been answered: if Clinton went after Trump in that way, did Biden do so too?

Now, it’s important to note that there are differences between the two; though both horrible in their own ways, Biden and Clinton are quite different. Specifically, though Biden, through his son Hunter, has shown himself to not be above getting involved in “less than above-board” activities, his closet isn’t suspected of containing anywhere near as many skeletons as Hillary’s. Biden is maybe corrupt. Hillary is the embodiment of the Deep State.

But, with that being said, it’s possible that whoever was pulling strings for Clinton was helping Biden too. Is there any evidence for that? Perhaps.

Nothing Durham has filed indicates that Biden was involved in the same spying op as Clinton, Sussmann, a techie named Joffe, and the intelligence community. However, the Washington Free Beacon reports that Joffe’s company, Neustar, was involved with the Biden Campaign. In that outlet’s words:

The Biden campaign paid nearly $20,000 to a cybersecurity firm at the center of Special Counsel John Durham’s investigation into the origins of the Trump-Russia probe.

The campaign paid Neustar Information Services in 2020 for accounting and compliance work, according to Federal Election Commission records. According to Durham, Neustar’s chief technology officer, Rodney Joffe, accessed sensitive web traffic data that the company maintained on behalf of the White House executive office in order to collect “derogatory” information about Donald Trump. Joffe allegedly provided the information to Hillary Clinton campaign lawyer Michael Sussmann, who in turn gave it to the CIA during a meeting in February 2017. Durham charged Sussmann in September with lying to the FBI about his investigation of Trump.

The Biden campaign’s payments raise questions about whether Joffe continued snooping on Trump in the most recent election. The Biden and Clinton campaigns are the only two presidential committees to have ever paid Neustar, according to Federal Election Commission records. Biden’s campaign paid Neustar $18,819 on Sept. 29, 2020, the records show. The Clinton campaign paid the firm $3,000 in May 2015 for mobile phone services. The Democratic Congressional Campaign Committee paid $3,000 to Neustar in 2017. Neustar executives and staffers contributed $17,906 to Biden’s campaign, FEC records show.

There are two important disclaimers, however. For one, the Beacon reports that “It is unclear what Neustar executives knew of Joffe’s activities on behalf of the Clinton campaign.” Additionally, it reports that “Joffe and Neustar have not been named in court filings for the Sussmann case, but Joffe’s attorneys have confirmed his involvement in the matter to news outlets. Joffe has not been charged with wrongdoing. Neustar and Joffe’s lawyer did not respond to requests for comment.” The White House didn’t comment either.

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Despite that, the connection does raise eyebrows. Why was Biden hiring the same firm that Joffe, the guy who was involved in spying on Trump for Clinton, worked for?

Perhaps the explanation is benign: it’s more than possible, perhaps even probable, that Neustar is simply known as a good cybersecurity provider and Democrats want to work with it. That possibility can’t be discounted. But, on the other hand, perhaps there’s a darker connection there that needs to be investigated, maybe Biden resorted to Hillary’s tactics.

At this time, all that’s known is that Biden and Hillary paid the same company and that one of the figures involved in the bombshell worked for that company. But the connection is, if nothing else, suspicious.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.