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Biden Thinks He’s Had “Strongest 1st-Year Economic Track Record” of Any President In 50 Years

As noted by, the term “Deluded” is defined as “entertaining a false belief or opinion; mistaken or deceived in mind or judgment.”

If that single word doesn’t describe Joe Biden to a T, then nothing does.

Imagine having the audacity to claim that what you’re doing is working extremely well when inflation is sky-high and your poll numbers are in the dumpster.

This guy, SMH.

From The Daily Wire:

On Wednesday, President Joe Biden was widely mocked online after he posted a tweet describing his economic track record as the “strongest” of any Commander-in-Chief in the past half-century.



Of course, Biden doesn’t name the “one analyst.”


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However, despite Biden’s claims, economists are slashing their growth forecasts for next year, in part because of the rapid spread of the Omicron variant, despite Biden’s earlier promise to “shut down the virus.”

According to The Wall Street Journal, Moody’s Analytics chief economist Mark Zandi downgraded his first-quarter GDP prediction for the United States from 5.2% to 2.2%, as he “can see the economic damage mounting going into the first quarter.” He noted reductions in travel spending, as well as the cancellation of arts and entertainment events.

When businesses are forced to pay higher wages (or if their costs go up in any way) they will then have to pass that cost on to customers. Simple economics 101.

Despite this extremely basic fact, Democrats continue to remain oblivious. And this sort of thing is only the beginning if liberals remain in power.

Not good!

From Breitbart:

President Joe Biden’s 30 year-high inflation has caused Dollar Tree to raise prices by 25 percent on the majority of its products, the company announced Tuesday.

After 35 years of offering consumers, often “low-income consumers,” everyday products for just a dollar, Dollar Tree customers will have to fork over 25 percent more money, or $1.25, to purchase the majority of goods sold in Dollar Tree stores.

The President and CEO of Dollar Tree stated, “We experienced a strong finish to the quarter, as shoppers are increasingly focused on value in this inflationary environment. Our Dollar Tree pricing tests have demonstrated broad consumer acceptance of the new price point and excitement about the additional offerings and extreme value we will be able to provide. Accordingly, we have begun rolling out the $1.25 price point at all Dollar Tree stores nationwide.”


When he was still a candidate, Biden had the marbles to tell a crowd of rallygoers that he and Barack Obama were responsible for Donald Trump’s thriving economy.

How he came to that conclusion is anyone’s guess, but when you’re talking to the politically uninformed anything goes. He is quite the card, even after all these years.

Plus, it doesn’t exactly hurt when the mainstream media is on your side and backing up every single lie you tell.


Joe Biden: “I know President Trump likes to take credit for the economy… Just look at the facts, not the alternative facts. President Trump inherited an economy from Obama-Biden administration that was given to him — just like he inherited everything else in his life.”


Obama said it, too.



This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics