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Boom: 8 States Just Sued Biden Over this Insane Illegal Immigration Policy

Brandon’s immigration policies aren’t popular. Whether it’s people calling for his impeachment because of those policies, slamming what he’s up to as a dereliction of duty, or suing him for the utter lawlessness and harms inflicted by his policies, Americans are so sick and tired of the left’s far-left immigration policies that they’re starting to take action to stop them.

Most recently, that’s taken the form of Texas, Arkansas, Alaska, Florida, Indiana, Missouri, Montana, and Oklahoma suing Brandon over his use of the Obama-era Central American Minors (CAM) Refugee and Parole Program to shuttle in the family members of those illegal immigrant minors that make it into the country.

Under the program, certain illegal immigrant minors are granted “protected status” by the government. Then, rather than being deported, as they should be under US immigration law, they’re allowed to petition the government to bring in their family members. The program applies to illegals from Honduras, El Salvador, and Guatemala.

Yes, that’s right. Team Brandon is proactively searching out the family members of illegal immigrants and then helping them flood into the country, with all the attendant costs and breaches of immigration law that brings.

So, the aforementioned states filed suit and are attempting to stop the horrid policy, taking to the courts to defend the citizens of their states from the ravages of illegal immigration.

The complaint itself sums up the problem with the program quite well, showing how it punishes those who wait in line to come into the country legally and rewards those that break the law and walk across the border.

As the introduction to the complaint puts it:

Aliens who are qualifying relatives of American citizens or lawful permanent residents often wait years—or decades—to lawfully immigrate to the United States. They endure lengthy processes, background checks, and paperwork requirements that can seem substantial. But they go through the processes that Congress created, and they patiently wait for their opportunity to lawfully enter the United States and pursue the American dream.

Conversely, illegal aliens do not have the right under federal law to petition the federal government for their relatives abroad to join them in residing in the United States. There are no lawful paths for aliens who lack status to come join other aliens who lack status in the United States—and for good reason. It defies common sense.”

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Further, and even more on the nose, the complaint adds:

No sovereign nation would reward those who break the law by permitting family members abroad to join them in living in the sovereign territory unlawfully, particularly with the assistance of the government itself. To do so would undermine national sovereignty and would be fundamentally unfair to those who pursue lawful immigration channels and patiently wait for their opportunity to immigrate to the United States.

The complaint also accuses Team Brandon of “[usurping] the power of Congress to dictate a national scheme of immigration laws.”

The program was started by Obama in 2014 and ended by Trump mere days after he took power in 2017. Brandon started it again after entering the White House.

It’s unclear if the states can win the suit. However, it is encouraging that red states are taking action to stop Brandon and his far-left policies, even if that “action” means rolling the dice in the courts.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.