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Biden Killed 10,000 Jobs on Day 1 by Canceling Keystone XL

Killing Keystone XL: Biden Killed 10,000 Jobs on Day 1, If Not More

One of Biden’s first acts as president was to kill the Keystone XL pipeline by revoking its permit. Why? Well, because he wanted to appease the ever-panicked, unshaved climate alarmists that voted for him and fill his administration. Perhaps that made them feel slightly better. As it will have absolutely zero impact on the climate or emissions, if not a negative impact, the decision will likely not appease those liars and charlatans whatsoever. What it will do is destroy the jobs and lives of the many great men and women who were building that pipeline, hence the “Biden killed 10,000 jobs on day 1” headline.

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Now, there are many reasons that the Keystone pipeline should be built, as even SJW President Justin Trudeau of Canada recognizes. Harvesting oil from Canadian oil sands does require slightly more of an energy expenditure than some other forms of oil extraction, but it is indubitably far less bad for the environment than relying on shipping oil produced by rogue regimes with no environmental standards halfway around the world.

Even more importantly, it would have enhanced our energy independence and relieved us from having to fight interminable wars of intervention in the Middle East to preserve our access to its oil.

Furthermore, America already has millions of miles of oil pipelines. What difference, from an environmental perspective, does one more pipeline make?

But those are logical points. And radicals, such as the climate radicals that hate the Keystone pipeline for no real reason, cannot be reasoned with. As Churchill said of radicals and fanatics, “A fanatic is one who can’t change his mind and won’t change the subject.”

The people whom Biden is attempting to appease are radicals. No matter what we do, what the benefits of energy independence and North American energy production are, they won’t be appeased. They, focused only on the vague concept of “the climate,” want to return us to the Dark Ages or a Neolithic state of living. Canceling one pipeline won’t appease them.

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But, canceling the Keystone XL pipeline will bring significant human costs. As the AOPL said in a statement released yesterday:

“Building the Keystone XL pipeline would create 10,000 good-paying American union jobs during construction. U.S. employment wages would exceeded $2.2 billion under a Project Labor Agreement with four American labor unions. The pipeline’s builder was ready to award over $3 billion in contracts awarded to U.S. contractors and suppliers in 2020 with all new steel pipe for Keystone XL is Made in America.”

10,000 jobs wiped away with the stroke of a pen. Assuming families of four, that’s 40,000 lives made immeasurably harder. Unemployment leads to suicide, so the fact that Biden killed 10,000 jobs means that people die by his hand. It’s been just a few dozen hours of the new administration and already Biden killed 10,000 jobs by destroying the Keystone XL pipeline.

And it’s all for nothing. In fact, it might have even harmed the same environment these climate warriors ostensibly want to protect. As the AOPL said in the same statement,

“The project also offered significant environmental protections. Keystone XL would operate at net-zero GHG emissions. Its $1.7 billion investment in new, privately-funded renewable power infrastructure would provide 100% of the power to operate the pipeline. The project sponsor also executed a renewable power MOU with North America’s Building Trades Unions to construct this renewable power infrastructure with a $10 million Green Job Training Fund for union workers…

Blocking Keystone XL may ironically lead to an increase in greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions. Government analysis shows pipelines emit fewer GHGs when they make their deliveries compared to other modes of transportation. Denying construction of Keystone XL means much of that crude oil will travel by train or truck instead, producing greater GHG emissions, more air pollution and more traffic congestion.”

The Keystone XL pipeline was a good project. It would have helped us sustainably and responsibly harness the carbon-based energy that modern economies need to function.

More than that, it and its contracts provided the type of good-paying, honorable work that modern America is so desperately lacking. Welders, skilled construction workers, steel makers, contractors, logisticians, and other hard-working, all-American men and women have had their lives ruined, or at least made immeasurably harder by this current regime that is now occupying 1600 Penn. Ave. Biden killed 10,000 jobs, and that’s just the lowball estimate, and it’s only been one day, what other horrible, economically-destructive actions will happen because of this administration?

By: Gen Z Conservative

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