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Biden is a Disgraceful Fool

Biden must be one of the worst presidents of all time.

It’s not just that his policies are awful, although they certainly are. It’s not just that his son Hunter is a crackhead that sleeps with prostitutes in the company of Russian gangsters and collects bags of money from China, although that is certainly not dignified. It’s not just that Biden is a senile fool, although that is also certainly not debatable.

No, Biden is a disgraceful fool and his presidency is the worst yet to befall our republic because of the obvious disdain with which he views the American public.

Just watch this video in which he checks his watch while standing for a ceremony honor the bodies of the American soldiers his Afghanistan rout killed:

Who would do that? No one but a self-obsessed prick that views the average American with nothing but contempt. Pardon my French.

Clinton was terrible, but at least he pretended to care for the average American with his “I feel your pain” comments, however disingenuous they may have been. Jimmy Carter, for all his faults, at least pretends to care about the average American. Bush the Elder was a RINO, but at least he didn’t act exasperated with the amount of time spent honoring the dead bodies returning from the Persian Gulf!

Not so with slow Joe. This disgraceful specimen can’t even be bothered to pretend about the American service members that his idiotic policies killed!

Joe Biden, like the corporatist elites that pull his strings, feels nothing but disdain for you. You’re one of those “deplorables” or “irredeemables,” one of those that they view as a dirty, unwashed specimen not even deserving of their pity, much less their respect.

They don’t care if you lose your factory job so Ford can make a few more pennies per car sold when they’re produced in Mexico; you should have been more “productive!” They don’t care if you’re a coal miner put out of work by their regulatory strangulation of the coal industry and immense subsidies for the “renewable” power industry; you should learn to code! They don’t care if you, an enlisted Marine or grunt, perishes overseas, chasing after some globalist fever-dream of turning a nation of opium growers stuck in the Dark Ages into a “thriving,” liberal democracy; you were probably a racist anyway and if you survive you need to be rooted out of the service.

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That’s how people like Joe Biden the Disgraceful Fool view you. You’re not a person, much less one of those valued citizens of the republic that Jefferson praised. You’re just a peon whose existence is to be snuffed out if it doesn’t fit the ever-changing model the most radical among them want it to fit into.

He wasn’t checking his watch because he had somewhere important to be. Bloody Biden was on his way to ice cream or a nap. He was checking his watch because he doesn’t care about the average American. Never forget that.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook