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Biden Has Released over 61,000 Illegal Immigrants Since His Inauguration

According to El American, Biden has released over 61,000 illegal immigrants in the first four months of his presidency. Here is what that outlet reported:

“Since Joe Biden assumed the presidency, his administration has released more than 61,000 illegal migrants who crossed the border during his four months in office and now he relaxed asylum restrictions in the U.S.

New federal data reveal that in the face of a record number of 177,000 migrants, authorities have already released 61,000, while another 42,600 entered undetected.”

Their information comes from this federal report.

That means that, thanks to Slow Joe’s inept handling of the border, there are tens of thousands of extra illegals roaming the US. The fact that almost 200,000 weren’t caught is bad enough, a country should be able to keep its border secure, but it is absolutely shameful that so many of the apprehended illegals were released into the country’s interior.

Had he deported them, as would have been right, the problem would have still been severe, but somewhat more manageable. As it is now, the problem is 61,000 people more difficult thanks to slow Joe’s insouciant policies.

Even worse, the ones that were released weren’t even given a court date at which they had to appear, as all caught and released illegal immigrants before them had been! Rather, they were just let off entirely and released to do as they will in America’s heartland.

This is disgusting. Joe and his cronies must take America’s sovereignty seriously.

By: Gen Z Conservative.

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