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“Where Am I Supposed To Go Again?”; Biden Has No Idea What To Do Next During Thanksgiving Event For Military

On Monday, Joe Biden appeared dazed and confused once again during a Thanksgiving event with members of the military.

In the middle of a rambling speech, Biden paused for a moment before asking “where am I supposed to go?”. Jill had to step in and save the day.

“We owe you big, thank you….now where am I supposed to go? I’m supposed to get back in…” Biden said, asking for help.

As his wife waves him over, Biden says “See how she points? Look at this. You can tell she’s a professor, can’t ya? I’m heading back, Jill, I promise. I’m coming,” he says before taking more orders.

“Oh! I gotta introduce the chaplain!” Biden said before giving up the microphone.

Watch this cringeworthy moment below:


If Biden doesn’t know what to do at a simple Thanksgiving event, how do we expect him to have the faintest idea of what’s happening in our country?

God help us.

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This story syndicated with permission from Trending Politics