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EPIC POLL: Biden’s Disapproval Rating Soars To Record High! Hard-left Dems Plot To Unseat ‘Failing’ President

As 2021 was drawing to a close Americans were sharing their concerns for the future. In a late poll right before the new year – 51% Of U.S. Adults Said They Were Fearful Of What Was To Come In 2022, 30% Had Less Hope For Themselves!

As a result, President Joe Biden’s disapproval rating soared to a record high in December 2021 as voters showed widespread frustration with the president’s handling of the economy and leadership during the COVID-19 pandemic, according to a CNBC/Change poll.

A shocking record of 56% of respondents said they disapprove of the work Biden has done as president, marking the worst reading of his presidency, according to a CNBC/Change Research poll.

In what has to be alarming to the White House, but not those of us outside the political bubble, Mr. Biden’s approval rating which is currently at 44%, a two-point drop, in the bottom of the president’s consistent decline from September 2021’s 46% and April 2021’s 51%.

A whopping 60% said they disapprove of the president’s handling of the U.S. economy, a six-point decrease from September 2021.

In early December, Breitbart wrote that Biden was blaming his low approval ratings on “inaccurate information” about “their situation” and are being told Armageddon’s on the way.”

Of the 1,895 respondents, roughly 72% disapproved of the president’s handling of the price of everyday goods, and 66% disapproved of his efforts.

The Consumer Price Index (CPI) increased to its highest level in almost four decades in November 2021 while the U.S. economy added only 210,000 jobs that month, one of the lowest figures since Biden took office.

When voters were asked if they approved of Biden’s pandemic interventions, 50 percent stated Biden had “gone too far” with them, whereas only 24 percent said government mandates should go even further.

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Only 26 percent approve of Biden’s coronavirus response which is extremely damaging for Joe moving forward. In the exit polling during the 2020 election, Biden’s plan to handle the COVID outbreak was one of the top reasons many voters decided to pull the lever for Biden instead of former President Donald J. Trump.

Biden’s failing policies and lack of hope that he has the ability to turn things around has the Hard-left members of the democratic party plotting to unseat ‘failing’ sleepy Joe Biden.

Joe Biden faces the prospect of a primary challenge from the left-wing of the Democratic Party amid unrest over his age, poll ratings, and failure to push through his legislative agenda.

The president has entered 2022 in a vulnerable position, with polling indicating the Republicans are well-placed to seize control of the House of Representatives in November’s midterms.

This story syndicated with permission from Eric Thompson Show