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Beijing Biden can’t Be Trusted to Defend Americans in 2020

My Take on why Joe Biden can’t be Trusted:

Joe Biden can’t be trusted to represent America on the world stage. Not only is he prone to verbal gaffes, but he is also not committed to American prosperity.

On the other hand, men like President Donald Trump are willing to stand up to other leaders for America. He knows what is right and how to get there. Perhaps his methods, such as tariffs, are outdated. Maybe he is attacking too many countries at once on his trade counter-offensive. But he is still doing better than Joe Biden would do or Hillary Clinton would have done. He knows how to fight. Joe Biden can’t be trusted to defend our interests, but Donald Trump can.

So why is it that Biden can’t be trusted? Because he is a candidate that is very likely to bow from pressure from his party to give in on trade. Countries like China and Mexico are hoping that a Democrat wins. They know that they don’t have the political or personal willpower to carry the fight to the end. Instead, Democrats will bow down to short term pressure from competitor nations. That is unacceptable for America. These next few years may be the last few we have to figure out trade. If Congress lets him, President Donald Trump will finish the fight.

Free trade is great goal to strive for. It is part of the “Magic Formula of Economic Success” that was originally established by Adam Smith in The Wealth of Nations and has worked for centuries. Tariffs are a corrupting economic influence.

Economically, imposing tariffs is like shooting yourself in the foot. Politically, however, they are an excellent tool. China and Mexico need us and our markets far more than we need them. Tariffs could help bring them into line quickly; without US markets their growth will slow even more and they will find themselves in dire political straights, as the legitimacy of their governments is built on continued economic growth. Well, at least, for China that is true. Mexico is a failed state, so its government just needs good news.

So, President Trump should stick to his guns and keep taming China and other competitor nations by using tariffs. Even if those hurt us in the short run, they will likely prove effective in the long run and help improve America’s economic situtation.

But, in any case, Joe Biden can’t be trusted to defend America. Economically, he would be unable to push through the necessary reforms on trade and do potentially unpopular things like fight China’s trade misdeeds with tariffs. Politically, he will back down to the radical left, as he is a not really a moderate. And, in terms of national defense, Biden would likely either be a hawk that would get us involved with more undeclared and endless wars, or a pacifist that would let nations like China push around us and our allies.

Joe Biden can’t be trusted to defend America’s interests. He is senile, a coward, and a political opportunist that is simply not up to the task. He would just bow down to China, Germany, Iran, and other nations that wish us ill.


This article ended up being more about trade and how Trump is defending us from China’s predatory behavior than about the fact that Joe Biden can’t be trusted. However, I think that is actually a more useful lens through which to view the concept that Joe Biden can’t be trusted to defend American interests. We all know Biden’s faults. We all know that he can’t be trusted to protect our trade interests. But, because it is sometimes easy to forget, we all need to remember what President Donald Trump is doing and why in regards to trade.

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I believe Trump knows the benefits of free trade. I would even dare to say that he prefers free trade and wants it to be the economic policy of the world. But, he’s not willing to sell US companies out to gain false concessions and pretend free trade because he also recognizes the cost of globalization.

If he backed down, China, Mexico, and other countries might pretend to cut subsidies or tariffs to meet US requirements. But they would cheat. That is what they have done in the past. Especially China. It has cheated on trade, stolen intellectual property, and restricted its markets for far too long. If we are to have free trade, it should truly be free. The way to make it free is to force China to comply with US requirements.

Trump can be trusted to make China and other nations comply. He can weather criticism and hold out for what is right. Despite short term economic losses, he is doing the right thing. His reforms will create a more free system. The same can not be said about Biden. Joe Biden can’t be trusted to weather criticism and protect US interests. He would give in or act corruptly.

By: Gen Z Conservative