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Biden’s Approval Rating Sinks as Inflation and Unemployment Stay High

By: Donovan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

Well, I know I just gave an update on the presidential approval rating a couple of posts ago but it is time for another. The Biden presidency continues to burn.

Biden’s presidential approval rating has fallen yet again, reaching new lows. The Afghanistan situation has been catastrophic, to say the least. Everything from withdrawing the troops first instead of at the end to leaving Americans and service dogs behind has enraged the nation, and, even worse, 13 troops are dead because of Bloody Biden.

Not to mention, we have a border crisis which I wrote about here and I will continue to update as time goes on. On top of that, gas prices have surged and we have inflation at levels not seen since 2008.

The numbers

According to Real Clear Politics, his average rating sits at 45.8% approval and 49.2% disapprove. On January 27th, after his first week in office, those numbers were 55.5% approval and 36% disapproval. That is a 13% swing in his disapproval rating. It seems like that % swing keeps ticking higher every time I write about it.

At the FiveThirtyEight presidential approval rating, things don’t look much better. The average approval rating is now underwater at 46.9% and his disapproval is at 47.6%. On day 4 of his term, he was at 53.0% approval and 36.0% disapproval.

I believe the Afghan crisis is what will be the marker that ended the Biden “presidency” in the eyes of many. I knew it was a disaster from the beginning but for those who aren’t in tune with what the Democrats want for this country, I think many more will be alarmed.

According to a new Rasmussen poll, 52% of the people surveyed say Biden should resign. If he does not, then 60% think he deserves to be impeached over the Afghanistan debacle.

He has a 42% presidential approval rating at Civiqs among over 95,000 respondents. Independents give him just 31% approval and 58% disapproval.

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Biden is also underwater in many states and it looks like the GOP is in a great position going into 2022.

Young Biden voters are even waking up to this

Students from George Mason University who supported Biden were interviewed by Campus Reform reporter Addison Smith and gave their view on Mr. Biden.

 “It’s been a bit of a disaster,” one of the students said of the Afghan withdrawal. Another student wasn’t happy that U.S. taxpayer-funded technology and equipment were left in Afghanistan. “Basically, 20 years of work was just erased really quickly,” another student said. “Maybe some steps could have been taken by Biden to stop it.”

Some even admitted that things were better under Trump.

The border was also a cause for concern for some of the students.

Watch the video here.

Take a look at this piece from, I think the general consensus feels this way. At least those who did not vote for Trump or didn’t really like his personality are finally waking up to the chaos and disaster unleashed by Bloody Biden.

Unemployment rate my not return to Trump levels

Federal Reserve president of Kansas City Esther George says the unemployment rate may not return to the 3.5% we saw under Donald Trump.

In 2019 it was thought by the Feds that 4.1% was full employment. The current rate is 5.4%. Due to the Trump pro-growth policies which I wrote about here, we saw a 50-year low in unemployment and a record number of people working.

It is possible that if the government did not pay people extra unemployment benefits for so long, we might have seen the unemployment rate drop faster and further. Some experts think GDP might have been at 10% instead of 6.5% last quarter.

San Francisco paying people not to shoot each other!

Just when you thought you’ve seen it all from the looney left.

San Francisco is now planning to pay criminals as much as $500 a month not to shoot each other.

Executive director of the Human Rights Commission Sheryl Davis says, “These small investments can transform the lives of individuals, but they can also transform communities,”. The program will be called the Dream Keeper Fellowship pilot program.

Davis says it is not cash for criminals, in reality it is. There will be 10 people selected to the fellowship program and will be paid $300 a month to not commit gun crimes. The bottom line is, people are being paid not to shoot each other.

Until next time, stay positive and never stop fighting for America. Here are some ways you can fight back.