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Biden’s Approval Rating Continues to Plummet and America is Taking Notice

By: Donovan Corzo, Mixed Texan Politics

It’s time for an update on Biden’s disaster of a presidency. I think at this point it is safe to say he is very unlikely to rebound in the polls from here.

Over at Real Clear Politics, he has a 45.4% approval rating and 50.6% disapproval. That is a sharp reversal from the 55.5% approval and 36.0% disapproval he enjoyed after his first week in office.

Rasmussen has him dropping to a 41% approval rating and 58% disapprove. They also took a poll on whether Americans feel the country is on the right or wrong track and only 32% say we are headed in the right direction…

FiveThirtyEight: Biden has a 45.3% approval and a 48.9% disapproval. A huge reversal from where he was in the first week of his term when he enjoyed a 53.0% approval and 36.0% disapproval.

Now if we take a look at Civiq’s we get a wider range of how the American people are feeling. Among 105,000 respondents Mr. Joe has a 41% approval rating and 51% disapproval.

If we break it down by party we get an even clearer picture. Among Democrats, 83% approve but that is down from 90% back in Feb. 2021.

Only 3% of Republicans approve of his job performance, yes 3% and that is actually down from 5% back in February.

Now where it counts the most, Independents, he sits at 30% approval and 59% disapproval which is a huge decline from a 42% approval among Independents early on in his term.

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In key states, he is not doing too well either:

Pennsylvania: 39%

Michigan 41%

Wisconsin 42%


North Carolina 39%

Iowa 35%

There was also a survey in a Breitbart article, among likely voters when asked about this statement:

“The radical left … want to use this terrible but temporary pandemic as a Trojan horse for permanent socialism. And President Biden, who ran as a unifying moderate, is either powerless to stop them or does not wish to.”

59% agree and 43% strongly agree with the statement.

A great summary

The Washington Examiner summed up Joe’s presidency perfectly:

President Joe Biden was supposed to bring welcome change from Donald Trump. He was going to be the “nice guy” president. He was not going to lie. He was going to be competent and respected.

Eight months into his presidency, he has not done any of these things. Instead, he has left the clear impression that he is in way over his head and that the United States was better under Trump than Biden.

Biden has gotten himself into far more trouble than anyone could have imagined in such a short time in office. He has been the opposite of what was advertised. His has been an administration of dishonesty, chaos, and incompetence, and we still have 40 months left to go...

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