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Biden’s Approval Rating Slides as Republicans Rally Behind Trump

By: Donovan Corzo

This is getting hard to keep up with my friends. As inflation continues to surge along with the border and Joe’s flat out incompetence is becoming more evident by the day, it’s not hard to see why the Biden approval rating keeps falling.

Let’s get into the numbers:

Real Clear Politics has Biden at a collective approval rating of 42.2% with 52.1% disapproval. In my last update which was just last week, it was 43.7%.

Five Thirty Eight Uncle Joe now sits at a 43.4% approval rating and 50.9% disapproval. In the first week of this term, he had a 53% approval and 36% disapproval rating.

In a CBS poll in early October, 60% of respondents feel that the administration is not focusing enough on inflation and 53% feel they aren’t focusing enough on jobs and the economy.

Polling from Gallup shows that the Biden approval rating has dropped 11% from Q1 to Q3 of his first term, from 56% to 44.7% which is the biggest drop of any president since WW2. Also, it is larger than the 10% drop Obama experienced in his first term, who then went on to lose 63 seats in the House and 6 Senate seats in the 2010 midterms.

He is also losing support among Latinos according to Dick Morris.

Republican support for another Trump term growing

In a recent Quinnipiac poll, 78% of Republicans support another Trump run in 2024.

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In a HarrisX-Hill poll that number is 77% among the GOP.

67% of Republicans support Trump 2024 67%-29% according to Morning Consultant/Politico.

As for those who want Trump to play a major role in politics, 63% approve according to Quinnipiac.

John McLaughlin shows that if the election were held today, Trump would beat Biden and Harris in a landslide. I talk more about why another run in 2024 is likely and needed here.

According to Steve Schmidt, co-founder of the Lincoln Project, Trump could win the election in 2024 without Twitter or Facebook. He believes all Trump would need are right leaning media outlets to get his message out and could use his suspension as fuel for his campaign as major talking points.

“The right-wing media ecosystem is vast and sophisticated, and anyone who thinks it’s top-down in that it’s initiated with a Trump tweet and then propagates and spreads from that position just doesn’t understand how information moves.”

As the crises mount, Biden spends plenty of time away from the White House

In an article from The Blaze, they show that CNN has reported Mr. Biden has spent 108 out of the first 276 days of his term, either at his home in Delaware or Camp David.

A CNN analysis of Biden’s public schedule indicates the President has spent a significant amount of time away from the White House, particularly on weekends, since his January inauguration. Including this weekend’s trip to Delaware, Biden has taken 35 personal trips and spent all or part of 108 of his first 276 days in office at one of his Delaware homes or at Camp David in Maryland. That includes partial days, like Friday — when he spent the day at the White House and departed in the evening.

Sixty-nine of those 108 days away from Washington were spent at his home in Wilmington, spread over 23 visits; seven days at his Rehoboth Beach, Delaware, beach house over two visits; and 32 days at Camp David over 10 visits …

… While most presidents have prioritized taking time away from 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue, this is the most time a president has spent away from the White House on personal travel at this point in the presidency in recent history.

That is far more than Trump who spent 70 days away and Obama who was away from the White House 40 days at the same point in their time in office.