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PROFLIGACY: Bezos Buys a 417-Foot Yacht

While average Americans struggle with paying even the smallest of bills thanks to the government-imposed Covid restrictions and inflation, our elites (who don’t have a care in the world for the struggles of the common man) can’t help but showcase the immense wealth they’ve amassed by strangling small businesses in the crib.

Rather than help out their fellows and rebuild communities destroyed by the government’s tyrannical response to Covid, a response many of these elites lobbied for, they’ve spent their accumulated cash on luxury items.

One such example is Bezos the adulterer, who seems to have blown off steam from his recent, expensive divorce by buying a 417-foot yacht.

Here’s what ZeroHedge reported on the massive purchase:

“During the pandemic, the world’s 2,365 billionaires saw their net worth increase by $4 trillion thanks to central banks inflating asset bubbles. founder Jeff Bezos, the world’s top billionaire, saw his fortune soar to $178 billion from $113 billion, or 57%, during that time. 

Bezos, who stepped down from his role as chief executive of Amazon earlier this year to focus on other initiatives, currently has one of the largest sailing yachts ever being built in the Netherlands. The superyacht has a price tag of around $500 million, but what does that matter when he continues to offload billions of dollars worth of stock into the secondary market.” 

Additionally, ZeroHedge noted that the other elites have been buying up luxury boats over the past year, using their inflated currency and skyrocketing stocks to buy items the average man can’t even dream of.

For example, according to the article, Steven Spielberg is spending $158 million on a yacht. This graph, provided by ZeroHedge, notes just how crazy the yacht-mania has gotten:

bezos 417-foot yacht

Also, according to another report, the 417-foot yacht has a smaller yacht:

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“Jeff Bezos will soon be the owner of a $500 million superyacht he purchased two years ago, and whose construction is nearing completion, according to Bloomberg. The yacht will be 417 feet long, include several decks, and will also come with its own “support” yacht, complete with helipad.”

Now, any successful businessman should be able to use his wealth to buy nice things. As a believer in free-market economics, I firmly believe that they have the right to do so.

However, that’s only just if they’ve actually earned what they have. Spielberg certainly did, his movies are marvelous. Similarly, Trump’s opulence and orchidaceous nature were fine because he had built an empire from the ground up.

The problem with the 417-foot yacht that Bezos bought is that it’s not really clear he earned it.

Yes, it’s amazing that he built such a useful and successful company. Before a couple of years ago, who could have imagined being able to order almost anything and have it arrive within hours? While I prefer Conservative Economy to Amazon, Amazon still is excellent.

But how much of its profits were due to government policy? Thanks to lockdowns, lockdowns that the average consumer did not choose to have to abide by, many Americans were, in effect, forced to order goods they needed on Amazon.

Because they couldn’t patronize small businesses, Amazon raked in record amounts of cash and its share price spiked. Bezos doesn’t deserve the yacht; it was built on the backs of destroyed small businesses.

Furthermore, it’s just poor taste to buy a $500 million, 417-foot yacht at a time when so many of his countrymen are struggling. Could he not have invested in struggling businesses, helped fund Portnoy’s relief fund, or otherwise spent such a princely sum on rebuilding a shattered community (the shattering of which boosted Amazon)? That would have been the just, moral thing to do.

Instead, he bought a ridiculously large yacht. While it helps that he purchased the yacht two years ago, it’s still in poor taste given present circumstances.

Americans used to help each other. Now they’re either close to starving or spending money like an even more profligate version of Nero or Caligula.

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