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Beto the Gun Salesman

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My Take:

This joke about Beto the gun salesman is the same one that has been said about many Democratic politicians. They are elected into office hoping to confiscate our guns, or at least make firearms harder to get. However, because most Americans still love liberty, that turns out to be impossible.

So, instead, Americans just flock to their local sporting goods stores and buy a new gun. Perhaps they’ll buy one of those scary AR 15s that Democrats claim aren’t protected by the 2nd Amendment and that “no one needs to own.” Or a handgun for self defense to that they can protect themselves and help curb violent crime.

In any case, what matters is that politicians like “Beto the gun salesman” O’Rourke end up boosting the number of guns in private circulation. As an American that loves liberty, I think that is great. If I were a democratic voter, I would probably be unhappy.

Why does that happen? Why do Americans go to buy guns when people like “Beto the gun salesman” get elected? Because most Americans haven’t changed their minds about gun control; they still desire to be free.

If you don’t believe me, just look around. Every time something is set to be banned, people buy it in massive quantities. When Michigan politicians attacked individual liberty by banning E-cigs, Americans flocked to their local vape shops to buy enough to last. When hard alcohol was banned during Prohibition, Americans bought as much liquor as they could. Similarly, the war on drugs has been a complete failure.

Individual liberty is a hallmark of the American spirit. We value our right to do what we want when we want, even if it is potentially dangerous to our health. That includes owning firearms (although I think not owning a weapon for self defense is more dangerous than owning one, but that’s a subject for a different time).

Support your local gun store and keep your individual liberty by buying a firearm and making “Beto the gun salesman” the best Democrat firearm marketer ever!

By: Gen Z Conservative