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Bernie’s Agenda is a Sham

Why Bernie’s Agenda is a Scam:


This week we have a guest article from C.M. Kiernan about why Bernie’s agenda is a sham. Hopefully the analysis and opinions in this article will help you understand not only why Bernie’s agenda is a scam that would force socialism on the American populace, but also why it would devastate our economy.

Luckily, I think many other Gen Z conservatives and conservative college students would agree with the opinions in this article because they are fiscal conservatives. We recognize that not only is Bernie’s agenda a sham, but that in almost every case socialist expectations and reality don’t match. Socialists can’t provide what they promise. I’m not so sure about the other generations that have racked up the national debt to unsustainable levels. Enjoy! -Gen Z Conservative

C.M. Kiernan’s Analysis of Why Bernie’s Agenda is a Sham:

You are welcome to vote whomever you chose. But, here is my take on @SenSanders’s sham agenda. Take it or leave it. 

Bernie’s Agenda would Dramatically Raise Taxes:

Raise taxes on everyone” is how that above graphic should actually read. Bernie Sanders is running as a socialist, that means if one group is taxed, everyone is taxed.

Basic socialist ideology is that everyone pays so they higher ups can play and spend our money anyway they see fit. And it is not on what they told you it was for, see current Congressional spending. Bernie would raise taxes dramatically, which is one of the main reasons why Bernie’s agenda is a scam.

Tax cuts are good for all because they help get the economy booming. Tax increases, even in the name of fiscal responsibility (Bernie and other socialists wouldn’t be fiscally responsible, however) just hurt the economy.

Bernie would Give Illegal Immigrants Instant Amnesty:

Americans would love to see jobs stop disappearing. They would also like to see police and federal law enforcement actually enforcing fines for hiring illegal aliens, per the law. That would open so many more jobs for Americans. The problem with unskilled immigration is that it limits jobs for vulnerable American workers.

Stopping it would not only helps solve that worker crisis, it would address part of the homeless issue, especially in some states. How about deporting the illegals so that We The People no longer have to fund them and lose our jobs to them?

Bernie wants to give illegal immigrants instant amnesty. That would dilute American voices in the political system, even if they can’t vote, and would further saturate the job market for unskilled laborers.

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Bernie’s Green Policies Are a Joke:

How would Bernie and the government know how much methane and emissions per person is being emitted without violating your privacy rights?

Do we have to wear fart monitors? Would they monitor how much carbon dioxide we exhale? As a woman, and normal human being, I am against that. That’s a serious question…flatulence is dangerous according to Socialists ( #GNDSCAM ).

Climate change alarmism has already been shown to be a joke. Just check out Gen Z Conservative’s post on climate change lies. Bernie’s agenda is a sham and unrealistic. Especially the climate change section.

Single Payer Healthcare is Involuntary:

Single payer is not a choice. Look at other countries and actually see how long they wait for procedures, if they are even approved. There are many horror stories around the world, and why would we want that in America?

We should always have a choice. What if I don’t want the same large healthcare plan as someone else, or need all the services they want to charge me for? Who runs this single payer plan and just where is that money going? They also decide your fate when/if you have a life or death situation.

Look at the VA system. Do we trust the government to take care of us, if they won’t take better care of the men and women who willingly have gone out and put their lives on the line for our safety? Some gave all, and many gave limbs, and their minds to preserve that blanket of safety, yet, are left without proper medical, and many sit homeless on our streets. Where is Bernie on that? Crickets.

Bernie would Destroy our Banking System:

One of Bernie’s other ridiculous policy proposals is to break up big banks; that’s yet another example of why Bernie’s agenda is a sham. Breaking up the big banks sounds well and good, but what happens to our money? The markets?

Not that I am rich enough to have anything in it, but it still has effects on us little people. What about accounts held by people for years under these banks or people who know the importance of saving and investing and are invested in those banks?

Longevity with an institution gives you a certain amount of credit with them, when they are broken up, does that longevity no longer exist or get recognized. And who’s to say it is just the “Big” banks? Bernie wants control, that is socialism, which means he wants to control all the banks, and all your money. So does AOC (coincidentally, her taxes for socialism would also steal all of your hard earned money).

Free College is Ridiculous:

Free college is another example of why Bernie’s agenda is a sham. Who decides who is qualified? And what about the people who are paying their loans? Or the people who already did? College is a choice. It doesn’t make you smarter, your IQ is either high or low, no matter the position in life you chose.

There are very smarter people in my life who have never seen a college classroom, than any number of ivy league graduates. The next question, is are unqualified students still paying tuition? And does your income bracket decide if you are qualified or not? And just think, those not considered qualified get to not only pay for their own education, but the freeloaders as well. How does that put money in your wallet?

The answer is that it doesn’t. All “free college” would do is saturate the job market with useless degrees.

Wage Equality is a Sham Policy:

Pay equity for women is called earning it and having the responsibility of taking on larger tasks. How much you put in, is how much you get out. Just because you hold the same job title as someone else, does not mean that you automatically get the same pay because you have a vagina, or a penis.

I have worked for different companies in the past, and depending on my willingness to work more, do jobs not considered mine, and put in extra hours, I was rewarded with higher pay, even over men. The same is true in the reverse when I worked for a company and did not get the opportunity to take on extra, because it was already delegated to others. 

Bernie’s Agenda is a Sham that Would Hurt Small Businesses

A $15 minimum wage hurts small businesses and raises prices on consumers dramatically. Not only that, but when Bernie’s own staff complained about their pay, instead of giving them more money, he cut hours. Now think about that…how is more money for less hours actually going to help you out?

And what is less staff going to do to the booming job market? Now, some will get the higher wage, while many others will be laid off, because companies cannot sustain such an increase and hope to stay in business. Remember, these businesses still need to pay payroll taxes and business taxes…if the pay rate goes up, so do the taxes on that pay. In fact, that is why tax cuts are good for all; they increase the profitability of businesses and give consumers more money to spend at said businesses.


Unions do have a time and a place, but they can also cripple the business, and the economy. Just pointing out the obvious here, but should every business have a union for collective bargaining, which also will lower your bring home, due to the dues that you have to pay weekly to support said union.

And the union officials, as we have seen first hand with the AFF, can spend that money without your consent, on pretty much anything, unless you initially are smart enough to cut their spending on political candidates, and private travel, etc. And you cannot champion for yourself in a union. It is not about the individual, but about the group.

You can try and shine above others, but unless that is addressed in the bargaining, you will find yourself not be appreciated and not being given extra over someone else, because that would be unfair. So, then…how does performance make out in the long run? 

Minimum Wage:

Expansion on public benefits raises your taxes even higher. How do you think the government gets that money? That is not from a magic piggy bank. It is from your wallet. You will have even less money than you had before making $15 an hour, because everything he wants to do, will be a result of a new tax on the people. 


Bernie’s agenda is a sham and unrealistic in pretty much every respect. Don’t support it. Socialism always fails and is always awful policy.

By: C.M. Kiernan, New Hampshire