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Bernie Sanders’s American Dream is Evil

Bernie Sanders’s American Dream in Venezuela

Bernie Sanders’s American dream is a bit different than mine. Mine involves prosperity, a booming economy (like the Trump economy), the rule of law, solidly defended free speech, and the just system of capitalism being put in place. Apparently, the American Dream for Bernie Sanders involves starving to death, having no consumer goods, and the government slaughtering political opponents.

That sounds like every socialist “utopia,” which is funny because all of those utopias seem to end the same way. Of course, he said back then that Venezuela is a great socialist state.

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Now that it’s failing, however, he and AOC will just say that socialism “wasn’t properly implemented.” Or that it wasn’t “real communism.” Socialists and communists always seem to have that out. It’s not real communism if it fails, which is confusing because socialism always fails.

As if it ever will be real communism or socialism when being viewed by people that subscribe to Bernie Sanders’s American Dream of socialism. I have the feeling that socialism will keep failing, so it will continue to be “fake socialism” in the eyes of people like Bernie Sanders, who can’t seem to get it through their thick skulls that real socialism has been tried and has failed miserably every single time.

Socialism is an evil ideology that we can’t allow to take root in America, and shouldn’t let these politicians like AOC and Bernie Sanders defend in other parts of the world. Socialism and communism are just as evil when implemented in those unfortunate countries as they would be if implemented here, if not more so.

Bernie Sanders’s American Dream involves murder, extortion, and starvation; sounds like socialism everywhere! If you’re confused by that, don’t be.

Bernie’s agenda is a sham, just like everything else about him or AOC. Those fools don’t even understand what socialism really is or that it always fails. That’s why they’re so confused and startled that Venezuela is no longer the exemplification of the American dream!

In fact, far from being a good exemplification of the American Dream, Venezuela is about as close to the exact opposite as you could get. There’s no property rights, ability to better yourself through hard work, freedom to capitalize on, or even virtue in society. That Venezuelan society, which is Bernie Sanders’s American Dream, is an evil, evil society. America should seek to do the exact opposite of everything that the Venezuelans have done, not follow in its footsteps, if we want to remain successful and prosperous.

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We conservatives need to start openly and unabashedly stating that fact. Socialism is not a force for good, it is a force for evil. It does not create utopias, it creates hell on Earth where tyranny, repression, and starvation are the constants of life rather than freedom, an open political system, and stores full of plenty, as are the characteristics of capitalist states. Those facts are indisputable, we just have to start stating them.

Otherwise, the truth will never get out and young conservatives will continue to be outnumbered by their liberal peers that subscribe to Bernie Sanders’s American Dream of turning us into a society like Venezuela. We cannot let that happen. Socialism destroyed Venezuela. It has killed millions everywhere that it has been tried. We cannot let socialism and Bernie Sanders’s dream of it come to America. If we do let that happen, we will end up in the same dire, miserable straight that every socialist nation finds itself in.

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In what ways can we conservatives fight back against Bernie Sanders’s American Dream and any similar visions of it?

The first is to simply express outrage. When my school, Washington and Lee, created a class that was focused on teaching students to think like Che Guevara, the horrible, mass-murdering, South American socialist, conservative pundits online and on TV immediately and vociferously expressed their outrage. Even though the class was not canceled, perspectives on other topics, such as the American Revolution, were introduced and the socialist nature of the class was diluted. Expressing outrage works.

The other way is to debate them. If you hear someone expressing solidarity with Bernie Sanders’s American Dream or other forms of Marxism, don’t just sit in silence and hope they start talking. Stand up and start debating them. Now is the time to fight, so fight back. Challenge them to point out a single example of socialism working. Point out the millions killed by socialism. Remind everyone listening of the vast numbers of crimes committed by socialism. And do not back down; make them be the one that disengages and gives up on the debate.

The simple fact is that socialism, whatever Bernie Sanders’s American Dream is, has a horrible track record. Read The Gulag Archipelago or The Case Against Socialism to learn about that track record; it is one of murder, imprisonment, and starvation. That might be what Bernie Sanders wants. But it is not what most Americans want or have ever wanted. So stand up to socialism and always debate the socialists.

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