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Bernie Sanders is Dangerous

Why Bernie Sanders is Dangerous for America

The title of this post might startle some of you. If you’re like me, you might be thinking, “really, Bernie Sanders is dangerous? Why? There’s no way an avowed communist could beat a successful president like Trump, even under the guise of democratic socialism.”

And, you’re right. If Bernie somehow convinces Democrat primary voters that he’s the one they should support, then he’ll be handily beaten by Trump. Only 19% of Americans support socialism, so it’s quite difficult to imagine a way in which he wins.

But, his electability is not why he’s dangerous. Bernie Sanders is dangerous for America because of how he is shifting the conversation away from the traditional debate between laissez-faire capitalism and regulated capitalism and towards a debate between extremely regulated capitalism and outright socialism. That’s a problem for America.

Traditionally, America has been a capitalist nation. Sure, we have struggled with undue regulations like those of FDR and Woodrow Wilson, which Jonah Goldberg describes in-depth in Liberal Fascism, but we’ve never drifted this close to socialism.

That’s because America and its culture used to wholeheartedly embrace individualism, personal responsibility, the virtue of working hard to get fabulously rich, and natural rights. All of those aspects of American culture as defined by Samuel Huntington in Who Are We? are completely contradictory to socialism.

Because socialism is anathema to any concept of the individual, most Americans have never really had any use for it. We don’t want the authoritarianism or misery that it brings and we certainly don’t want to fall into the dustbin of history like so many other socialist states.

But, somehow, Bernie has convinced legions of young people that capitalism is their true enemy. Rather than aspiring to be CEOs or well-compensated financiers, they should hate those people for having so much. He preaches envy to create his socialist fly trap and, unfortunately, millennials have wholeheartedly bought in.

If that line of thinking isn’t stopped, it will have serious negative effects on America. Even if we disregard the millions of politically-motivated murders that socialism is responsible for, it will still upend and destroy America’s economy. Everything he and they want, from the $15 an hour minimum wage to free college, would wreck our economy’s ability to produce and innovate.

Furthermore, all of those envious desires aren’t even based on facts, wealth inequality isn’t really a problem, so even a moment’s honest reflection would show that the arguments about it are absurd.

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But Bernie and his coterie of socialists don’t want honest reflection. They want Big Government to step in so they can completely ignore all personal responsibility for their actions, such as the debt they took on or their poor choice of studies while in college.

We need to push back more forcefully against that socialist line of thought. America is a capitalist nation. It has been since The Wealth of Nations and will remain so unless we lose the battle for America’s fate. That battle can’t be lost now; we must win it by pointing out the many failures of socialism and making sure everyone knows that Bernie Sanders is dangerous for America and an outright communist!

By: Gen Z Conservative