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Bernie Sanders Is a Communist

Why Conservatives Think That Bernie Sanders Is a Communist:

Bernie, like the rest of his far-left coterie, likes to pretend that he’s not all that radical. Sure, he honeymooned in the Soviet Union, supported nationalization of key industries, and is a self-described “democratic socialist,” (read communist/socialist), but according to him and his supporters, he’s not all that far to the left. He’s just “for the little guy.” That’s completely, undeniably absurd. Bernie Sanders is a communist. We all need to recognize that and spread the word.

There are two simultaneous misdirections being spread by Bernie and his merry gang of communist sympathizers right now. The first is that communism, or even historical socialism, is somehow different than what today’s progressives are proposing. The second misdirection is that Bernie isn’t really a communist, he’s just compassionate and cares about the average American. Both of those statements are untrue and need to be corrected. Communism is a virus that we can’t let infect America.

Is Democratic Socialism Better than Communism

The first issue that needs to be addressed is the supposed difference between Bernie and AOC’s democratic socialism and the real communism/socialism of the 20th Century. In my view, the only difference is that democratic socialism hasn’t led to the construction of gulags…yet. If they’re elected, expect even more diversity training seminars and stigmatization of conservative thought, which Jonah Goldberg decries as being modernity’s versions of reeducation camps in his wonderful book, Liberal Fascism.

That’s a problem for America, and is, perhaps, even more pressing of one than Democrat corruption. Why? Because it means socialism is just as bad as communism, if not worse because it tends to be insidious in nature rather than brazen and openly violent. The battle for America’s fate, also known as the culture war, has been raging for a while. Thanks to the rise of socialism, it will grow worse.

Americans need to understand that Bernie Sanders is a communist and that there’s no real difference between communism and socialism. Both are ideologies that lead to death, destruction, and misery. Or, in other words, socialism is suicide and communism is murder. No matter what the Democrats say as they try to prop up Bernie and his communist sham of an agenda, remember that. Democratic socialism is just as awful as communism.

Is Bernie a Radical Socialist

In The Usual Suspects,” Kevin Spacey tells a detective that “the greatest trick the devil ever pulled was to convince the world that he doesn’t exist. It’s a great scene and quite powerful.

So how does that relate to the fact that Bernie Sanders is a communist? Because, in effect, it’s the same thing. The greatest trick Bernie ever pulled was convincing a young and gullible voting bloc that he’s not a communist, but is rather something better and somehow less evil.

He had to do that because, despite his best efforts and the efforts of radical college administrators, socialism is still incredibly unpopular in America and communism, its twin brother, is even more so. A recent poll, for example, puts American support of socialism at a measly 19%. While that’s still too high, it shows the limit of Bernie’s appeal.

The problem for conservatives is that, far from people knowing that Bernie Sanders is a communist, somehow Bernie convinced many people that he’s not really a socialist. They look past his abysmally anti-American voting record because he inspires something within them. They claim it is compassion for the poor. I think it’s envy for what their neighbors have.

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In any case, he developed and used a socialist fly trap to great effect. Now we’re stuck with lots of greedy and lazy socialist who will admit that they’re neither. If they really wanted to help themselves or the poor, they’d support capitalism; it’s what really helps the poor and lifts people out of poverty. But they don’t want to do that because it means work. They’d rather have free college and Medicare for All so they can live lives that consist purely of leeching off society.


Bernie Sanders is a communist and so are his supporters. They make numerous claims to make their stale and repugnant ideology sound better, but we shouldn’t believe a single one of those claims. Socialists, and liberals more generally, just want your money so they can fund absurdly expensive federal programs that go against the very root of the American experiment.

We can’t let someone like that win in 2020. Democrats have forgotten about moderates, so Trump will likely be competing against a full-blown communist in the 2020 election. That will be a battle between capitalism and communism, so it should be won, like the Cold War. But we still need to fight it with vigor and in recognition of the fact that Bernie Sanders is a communist.

By: Gen Z Conservative