January 16, 2021

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Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

Bernie Sanders and The Road to Serfdom

I’ve written lots about Bernie Sanders recently. His hypocrisy, communist ideology, and fraud of an agenda should all be concerning to America. Those aspects of Bernie Sanders should be concerning because they are dangerous: democratic socialism could tear apart the very fabric of America. Unfortunately, too few Americans understand that. They don’t understand that they should distrust the government and that it’s not wrong to conflate Bernie Sanders and the road to serfdom.

Welfare and the dependence on the state it creates is the reason why Bernie Sanders and the road to serfdom go hand in hand. Show you agree by ordering one of these shirts I designed here: https://teespring.com/defund-welfare-not-cops

However, the great people over at Issues and Insights (one of my favorite political blogs) do understand how dangerous and evil Bernie Sanders is, as the I&I editorial board writes in their recent article entitled “Bernie Sanders’ Road to Serfdom…and Corruption.

Hopefully, you are drawn in by that title like I was. It ties together Hayek’s The Road to Serfdom, Bernie’s affinity for authoritarianism, and the fact that Big Government and corruption are inseparable. So, if it does draw you in, make sure to click the link and check out the full article after you finish this summary and analysis of it!

Summary of Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

First, the I&I Editorial Board discusses what Bernie Sanders’s new policies and increased spending would do to America (or, in other words, why Bernie Sanders and the road to serfdom are the natural results of a preference for government spending):

Sanders would more than double the size of the federal government when it comes to spending. On Monday, he released some details on where he’d get the money, which include gargantuan tax hikes on everyone, including the middle class. There’s no telling what he’d do to expand the federal government’s regulatory state, but his ambitions there seem limitless.

The result would be to strip Americans of many of the freedoms we currently enjoy in the name of “fairness,” while turning millions into wards of the state.

His policies would also explode the amount of corruption in this country, no matter how many new rules he tries to impose on lobbyists or how many free speech rights he takes away from campaign contributors.

If there’s one thing that should be clear to clean government zealots, it’s that the bigger the government, the greater the corruption.

From: Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

Then, they state that Big Government tends to lead to corruption and limited government tends to result in far less corruption::

Harvard law professor Matthew Stephenson looked at several others and found that “Within the U.S., when controlling for a number of other economic and demographic factors, states with larger public sectors seem to have higher corruption.”

Conversely, the more economic freedom a country enjoys, the less corruption exists.

Writing in Forbes, Alejandro Chafuen plotted countries in the Heritage Foundation’s Index of Economic Freedom, which measures 180 countries across several measures of economic freedom, from labor laws, tax rates, trade, property rights, national debt, and so on. Chafuen then did the same with Transparency International’s Corruption Perception Index, which ranks countries based on “perceived levels of public sector corruption, as determined by expert assessments and opinion surveys.”

Chafuen found that the correlation between freedom and corruption is “strong and significant.” The greater the economic freedom, the lower the corruption. Less economic freedom – the kind that Sanders is eager to impose in the U.S. – the greater the corruption.

From: Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

Finally, the authors give a nice summary of how Bernie’s policies would ruin American prosperity:

In other words, everything that Sanders says he wants to achieve would be undermined by his socialist policies. There would be less prosperity, more poverty, a worse environment, less democracy … and far more corruption. Don’t believe so? Take a trip to Venezuela and see for yourself.

From: Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

Analysis of Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

I thought this article was absolutely excellent. For too long, conservatives in America are unwilling to call out the Democrats on what their policies will ultimately lead to. Rather than openly saying that Bernie Sanders and his policies will ultimately lead to gulags, many conservative pundits debated the finer points of capitalism and how those aspects make it better than socialism.

While that is certainly necessary, it shouldn’t be all conservatives do. Instead, we should be willing to openly call socialists and their supporters corrupt and evil. Rand Paul did that in The Case Against Socialism. The I&I editorial board did it in this article. More conservatives need to follow that lead.

That’s why I loved this Issues and Insights article. If elected, Bernie Sanders and democratic socialism will lead to tyranny and authoritarianism because socialists are unfit for freedom. To understand why, read the book this article is based on, The Road to Serfdom.

Similarly, Americans need to know that the Big Government policies necessary to implement socialism would certainly lead to corruption. Just look at how the FBI and DOJ abused their power to help corrupt Democrats during the 2016 election; now the Democrats are hiding that malfeasance through riots. With socialism, the government’s power and lack of transparency would be far greater than that, which should be scary to everyone. Bernie Sanders and the road to serfdom should terrify all young conservatives that want to grow up in a free society.

The conclusion to Bernie Sanders and the Road to Serfdom

Socialism is evil. Big Government is evil. Corruption is evil. So, logically, proponents of Big Government and socialism, and of course corrupt bureaucrats, are evil. We need to start saying that openly.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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