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This Radical Kentucky College Says Trumpism is Terrorism and Claims Whiteness is Too

What is Wrong with the World? Berea College and the Decline of the West

You could call Trumpism many things. A new twist on conservatism. Economic populism mixed with relatively conservative social policies. A focus on middle America and the shunning of the radicals on the coasts. Well, Berea College, a little-known college in Kentucky is putting a new spin on things. Its “Women’s and Gender Non-Conforming Center,” hosted an event called “White Citizenship as Terrorism: Make America Great Again, Again,” which featured a presentation by radical author Amy Brandzel, the author of “Against Citizenship: The Violence of the Normative” and aims to present “Trumpism and white citizenship as forms of white terrorism enacted against the majority of people living within the borders of the U.S. and beyond.”

YAF has more details on that event here. Sounds like it would have been a fun event to troll. 4chan, we’re waiting to see what you accomplished. Also, it’s ironic that the name of the anti-Western civilization college has a name similar to the head of Stalin’s NKVD, Beria.

In any case, it’s nonsense like this that is why the Western world is falling into decay. Are Chinese universities hosting events on why the Han Chinese are evil and should all feel ashamed for their heritage? Are the Poles spending copious amounts of time flogging themselves for the supposed sins of their forefathers? Is Putin telling Russians to hate themselves for the accomplishments of Tsar Peter the Great because he used slaves to build St. Petersburg?

No. That would be absurd because the very concept of hating yourself and your national identity is absurd. Britannia ruled the waves when Britons believed in themselves and the glory of their empire. America was at its peak when Americans were proud to be masculine individualists, like our glorious forefathers were. The West separated itself from the rest, building the most prosperous society ever seen, by fully believing in the just nature of natural rights, free-market economics, and Christianity.

Now, we’ve shunned all that and are degenerating as a result. The disgusting whore Cardi B is praised by the media for her vulgar song WAP while Dr. Seuss is canceled for drawing a cartoon of a Chinese man. Our military is being purged of masculine warfighters and replaced with soy boy SJWs and pregnant women. Our manufacturing economy has been replaced by stock jobbers and financiers like Mitt Romney. Western society is killing itself for no reason other than self-hatred. We’ve replaced the masculine with the feminine and glory with self-immolation.

As Christopher Buckley said, and I’m paraphrasing, at America’s height its business leaders had three-martini lunches and regarding themselves as titans of industry, in its decline they sip sparkling water and are uncomfortable with their place in society.

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And, worst of all, that self-hatred has no cause. Look at the idiocy of the Berea program that’s attempting to say that Trumpism is terrorism. What fool came up with that idea? Trumpism is partially about law and order and the preservation of American civil society as it existed as our peak. Trumpism brought about the defeat of terrorism in the Middle East, the greatest economy that the world has ever seen, and law and order at the border. There was no terrorism, only pro-American policies. Meanwhile, the leftists in Antifa and BLM attempted to burn down the country.

It would be one thing if America was an abominable nation with a sordid past and reprehensible culture, such as Pakistan or Red China. But it’s not, as Dinesh D’Souza proves in America: Imagine a World Without Her. We kept the world free from the specter of communism. We made the world prosperous. We created a vast empire of liberty that gradually freed the world of the binds of want, authoritarianism, and backwards tribal practices. We are far from perfect, but also far better than the alternatives.

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This battle, the battle illustrated by Berea’s ridiculous program, can be thought of as Winston Churchill versus Mao Zedong. Churchill wasn’t perfect, but he preserved liberty, defended his homeland during its darkest hour, and was a good, honorable man. Mao was a communist that killed 100 million of his countrymen and tortured countless more. The leftists at Berea College, with their attacks on Western Civilization and Trumpism, are trying to replace Churchill as our ideal man with Mao. We must refute everything from their premises to conclusions and choose Churchill. Otherwise, the bright light of liberty could be extinguished forever.

I know this article meandered away from the original topic, Berea College’s “Trumpism is terrorism” seminar. That’s because it’s just a small news event, but is indicative of a far larger point. Western Civilization will not long survive if we allow radicals like Ms. Brandzel to destroy all that the Founding Fathers and their kindred spirits to build. Trumpism is not terrorism, whiteness is not a bad thing, and Western history is a tale of heroism, glory, and progress toward liberty, not one of evil men doing evil things. Refute Berea. Stand for the West.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook

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