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A Great Quote by Ben Shapiro on Systemic Racism and Why It Does not Exist

The Quote by Ben Shapiro on Systemic Racism:

“If you cannot define a problem clearly, you cannot propose a solution. ‘Systemic racism’ or ‘institutional racism’ or ‘implicit racism’ is a miasmatic, deliberately vague charge. Name the racist policy, name the racist person, so we can all fight the racism together.” -Ben Shapiro on Systemic Racism

My Take on The Truth about Systemic Racism

I completely, 100% agree with this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism. Frankly, I think it is something that the right, especially young conservatives that are the future of the conservative movement, needs to keep in mind and accept as the truth about systemic racism.

Right now, we’re letting the left set the narrative about racism in America. They claim that America is an inherently and unforgivably racist country. That’s a lie, America is not at all a racist country, but you wouldn’t know that if you only listen to mainstream news sites, including ones on the conservative side such as Fox and the National Review. Because its an uncomfortable, sensitive topic, too few conservatives are willing to stand up to the left and reveal the truth about racism in America.

The left claims that President Donald Trump is a racist. He isn’t; in fact, by unleashing economic opportunity, he’s helping black Americans far more than Lyndon Johnson’s racist and ineffective “Great Society” and “War on Poverty” programs ever did.

Even more ridiculously, the left claims that opposition to the current abortion paradigm is somehow racist. Really? It’s somehow racist to be against the murder of black babies? Over three thousand abortions are carried out each day, of which about forty percent are of black babies. Margaret Sanger established Planned Parenthood as a way to limit the number of black births. How on Earth could it be racist to oppose that? The abortion system is racist, not those that oppose it.

The answer, of course, is that it isn’t racist to be against abortion, just as Donald Trump is not a racist and America is not a racist country. The only reason that people think otherwise is that conservatives, especially the college conservatives that often find themselves in these debates about “systemic racism,” won’t just stick to the talking points outlined in this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism. They won’t fight the culture war by stating the truth, which is that America is not a systemically racist country.

The simple fact is, if you look closely at the claims in this quote by Ben Shapiro on systematic racism, that the racism Democrats claim exists simply doesn’t.

Sure, there are a few crazy people in every country. In America, a few of those crazy people happen to be in the Ku Klux Klan or some variant of the Nazi Party. But that’s only a few thousand people that are in those vile organization. And, even more to my point, both of those organizations are Democrat organizations, as Jonah Goldberg explains in Liberal Fascism. Whatever racial bigotry does exist in America certainly isn’t a conservative phenomenon.

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The reason why that is true is outlined by Thomas Sowell in his quote on racism and capitalism, which I think is a quote that is much in line with this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism. The main point of that terrific Sowell quote is that it is impossible to simultaneously be a capitalist and a bigot.

According to Sowell, either you want to make money and hire the best people, in which case you’re a capitalist and thus conservative, or you don’t. There’s no real middle ground in a diverse and free-market nation like America. The Nazis were socialists, just like every other collectivist institution. As Ayn Rand said, “racism is the lowest, most crudely primitive form of collectivism.” It certainly isn’t an ideology that can exist with true capitalism, which is a core tenant of conservatism and is one of the main features of the American system.

the quote by Ben shapiro on systemic racism is much in line with this quote by Ayn Rand on racism and collectivism
The quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism is much in line with this quote by Ayn Rand on racism and collectivism

Similarly, she said that:

“Like every other form of collectivism, racism is a quest for the unearned. It is a quest for automatic knowledge—for an automatic evaluation of men’s characters that bypasses the responsibility of exercising rational or moral judgment—and, above all, a quest for an automatic self-esteem (or pseudo-self-esteem).”

From: The Virtue of Selfishness

But leftists deny all that. They deny the facts and they don’t want to listen to this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism and actually try to root out the few real racists in America, mainly because those bad actors are in their own leftist coalition of the dispossessed and ignorant.

After all, Robert Byrd, a man lionized by both Hillary Clinton and Joe Biden, was a “Grand Cyclops” of the Ku Klux Klan. That didn’t stop the Democrats from electing him repeatedly, nor did Governor Northam’s blackface incident or Trudeau’s blackface incident end their careers. If they’re not the people you think of when you hear the end of this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism, then I can’t possibly imagine who would be.

In my view, the left refused to disown the racists in its own ranks because it does not really care about racism or protecting minorities. If it did, then it would certainly disown the Black Lives Matter Marxists that seem to be doing everything in their power to make life dangerous and miserable for minorities in the cities. Perhaps they’d even stand up for business owners of all races by prosecuting BLM, as Detroit is.

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All that the Democrats care about is gaining and keeping power so that they can coerce us into living the lives demanded by the new morality of the progressive religion. Because it has found that the best way to force people into those lifestyles is to accuse them of “systemic racism” or some other equally meaningless synonym if they don’t conform, we now have to deal with leftists silencing conservatives under the guise of protecting the feelings of bubble-wrapped Americans.

Even if they understood the truth about racism as told in this excellent quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism, they’d just disregard it in their quest for power.

That’s evil. It’s a direct assault on free speech, an utter lie, and wrecks the lives of good and innocent people.

Unfortunately, conservatives, especially the cowardly Republican establishment, have been loath to stand up to those accusations of racism. This quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism is one of the few cases of conservatives standing up and fighting the accusatory mob.

Every time the lefties try to cancel someone on the right for supporting merit-based immigration rather than a dangerous and absurd “diversity-based” immigration system, keeping Confederate statues rather than erasing history, or having said something in the past that has now been deemed non-politically correct by the thought police, conservatives just back down and let the person be canceled.

I think the reason for that is that we can’t formulate effective arguments against charges of racism, however absurd they may be. No one, least of all our politicians, wants to be seen as on the side of “racists,” so they back down. The proper response, in my opinion, is to read and remember this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism and then to openly defend the points he makes in it.

When the Democrats accuse a wide swathe of the population of being “racists,” as hinted at in this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism, they’re not really trying to solve anything, least of all the problems America is facing. They just want to cancel conservatives and increase their share of power in America.

That’s evil and un-American. We need to start fighting back against it. Try to remember this quote by Ben Shapiro on systemic racism and argue with them by making the Democrats point out actual examples of “systemic racism” in America. My guess is they won’t have any examples because it doesn’t actually exist.

By: Gen Z Conservative

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