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Ben Shapiro on Distrust of Government

The Quote by Ben Shapiro on Distrust of Government

“Distrust of government isn’t baseless cynicism. It’s realism.” -Ben Shapiro on Distrust of Government

My Take on Lacking Faith in the Government

Although he’s not one of my favorite conservative commentators, Ben Shapiro does make excellent points quite frequently. His podcast, The Ben Shapiro Show, is well worth listening to because it is full of insightful commentary, especially when he talks about Big Government, socialism, and Bernie Sanders. One of those great points is captured in this quotation of his on distrusting the government, which is quite similar to one by Otto von Bismark.

The Founding Fathers knew that we should be perpetually fearful of government. Whatever its minions say, the government won’t protect your rights, even the endlessly expanding “rights” that it seems to have created out of thin air.

That’s because government isn’t an angel nor is it composed of angels, as Madison wrote in Federalist 10. Rather, it’s like a wolf and is composed of petty and self-serving men and women who can help preserve the republic only if overseen vigilantly by a virtuous citizenry.

Just look at the priorities of today’s Big Government advocates- banning e-cigarettes, confiscating your firearms, stealing your hard earned money through ever higher taxes, and killing individual liberty through creating a surveillance state in America.

Each of those priorities, if tempered by vigilant patriots and directed towards a Constitutional outcome, could be beneficial for America. The FDA should make sure consumable products are safe (but it is wrong about vaping). Criminals should be forbidden from buying and owning firearms, and the ATF should confiscate their weapons. There are programs that are a valid reason for tax revenue, and taxes might have to be raised to pay for them so that the national debt doesn’t grow in perpetuity. And, some surveillance of bad actors in society might be required.

The problem is that all of those aforementioned outcomes could be completed by a much smaller government than the one we currently have. We need restraint of and, even more importantly, a shrinking of, our current government.

And that, I think, is the point of this great quote by Ben Shapiro on distrust of government. There is a proper role and place in society for government. Both the Federalists and Anti-Federalists understood that. But we need to remain distrustful of our government and also remain vigilant and involved to make sure it doesn’t overstep its proper bounds. Had we been prepared to do so, then perhaps we wouldn’t have let our incompetent government destroy the economy because of fear of Covid…

By: Gen Z Conservative

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