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Horrific Bay Area Robbery Provides Frightening Warning about the Inescapability of Violent Crime, Even Outside of Cities

The ongoing surge of violent crime we’ve seen spreading across the country for the past two years has been frightening.

The number of Americans being murdered, assaulted, robbed, and raped has been growing rapidly, and we regularly see the phenomenon covered with examples of another bloody weekend in Chicago, or of a fearless robbery spree in the Bronx.

If we didn’t know any better, we might all assume that the current crime spike is only affecting city-dwellers. It’s not.

Thanks to leftwing ‘defund the police’ rhetoric and their demonization of law enforcement professionals, we’re seeing a deadly combination of rising crime and the depletion of the number of cops.

Police officers and department chiefs in Denver’s suburbs are leaving their jobs thanks to both intense scrutiny and spiking crime.

Suburbanites outside of Minneapolis have seen dramatic increases in violent crime in dozens of communities. But there is perhaps no better example of the effects of Democratic soft-on-crime policies than what we’re currently witnessing in California.

Things got so bad in San Francisco that far-left prosecutor Chesa Boudin was recalled and removed by voters thanks to his coddling of criminals and subsequent out-of-control crime wave. In Los Angeles, prosecutor George Gascon may yet find himself on the unemployment line with Boudin for similar results. But it’s not just the cities that are experiencing such problems. It’s affecting the suburbs as well.

The town of Redwood City, California is a typical Golden State suburb. Located about halfway between San Francisco and San Jose, Redwood City enjoys mostly pleasant weather, beautiful scenery, and plenty of high-paying jobs with an abundance of technology companies in the town.

But crime is becoming a concern in Redwood City, as well as in most other California suburbs, and a recent example of a bold robbery of a resident is just one more instance of the growing problem.

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According to NBC Bay Area:

“A man robbed of his watch outside his Redwood City home has police trying to figure out if it is part of a new trend. This weekend’s incident is alarming to law enforcement because armed robberies generally occur in larger cities.

‘To come right here – it’s very alarming,’ victim Al Shawa said. ‘Very disturbing and it’s not right.’ Shawa in an interview with NBC Bay Area said he thinks the robbers followed him.

Home surveillance video shows Shawa driving up to his home in a white Mercedes. Not far behind was what appears to be a dark-colored BMW. Moments after Shawa pulled up next to his house, the BMW is seen pulling up next to him and two people get out.”

Scary stuff, no?

This wasn’t just a simple mugging, with a couple of thugs grabbing a victim and threatening violence.

According to reports, it is believed the robbers were in possession of an ‘assault rifle,’ which is leftwing language for a rifle. These crooks weren’t messing around, and they were stalking the once-peaceful streets of Redwood City.

The NBC report went on to explain:

“What worries some in law enforcement is armed robberies generally occur in larger cities — not suburban communities like quiet Redwood Shores. Shawa’s home is roughly four miles from the freeway.”

What worries some in law enforcement? We can bet there are a lot more than just some. This victim wasn’t strolling the streets of San Jose or walking outside of Oracle Park on his way to catch a San Francisco Giants game. He was deep in the heart of suburbia. But it didn’t matter.

Perhaps it is incidents like these that will ultimately turn the tide in California and elsewhere. Voters in San Francisco became fed up to the point that they booted their prosecutor, although Boudin’s replacement isn’t exactly Dirty Harry.

Los Angeles may be headed in the same direction. But when suburbanites start to fear for their lives in the driveways of their own homes, maybe the rejection of soft-on-crime Democrats on Election Day will begin to prevail everywhere.

By Jess Lawson

Jess Lawson is a regular contributor to The Blue State Conservative and a passionate, conservative millennial who loves America.

Notice: This article may contain commentary that reflects the author’s opinion.

This story syndicated with permission from The Blue State Conservative