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Bare Shelves Biden: Major Grocer Forced To Email Customers Explaining Empty Shelves, Food Disaster

NOTE: this story is originally from January, but in the wake of the baby formula shortage, I think it’s important. It shows the continued disaster that the Biden presidency has been when it comes to keeping America free from want in the way that this land of former plenty was for decades upon decades under the wise governance of our ancestors. What used to be an American hallmark–full shelves of all variety of goods–is now gone, with period shortages of various goods (baby formula, toilet paper, beef, etc.) cropping up as President Galba rules like the senile fool he is. Perhaps grocers should play “back in the USSR” to make the bare shelves seem normal. In any case, use this piece to remember that the baby formula shortage isn’t the only thing; Biden’s presidency has been a continued disaster for America’s belly.

Though Brandon might have claimed that 89% of store shelves in the US were full during his disaster of a presser, America’s businessmen are having to deal with reality rather than words and the reality is that their shelves are not full.

One such person is Giant Food president Ira Kress, who sent out what was surely a humiliating email to the store’s shoppers, explaining that supply chain issues were making it near-impossible for the store to fully restock its shelves.

Explaining the issue to customers, he said “As our entire region manages through yet another very challenging period caused by several recent weather events and the ongoing effects of the pandemic, we have experienced significant strain on our supply chain. Please know that we remain 100% committed to serving you, and in providing you the absolute best shopping experience in the market.

Consumers online backed up the president’s words with images, sharing pictures of the chain’s empty shelves in Twitter posts that went viral:

Though the letter and posts about empty shelves might be embarrassing, at least this chain is being honest about what’s going on. Others are using cardboard cutouts of food to try to hide their bare shelves, as was exposed in this video:

All of that might come of a bit of a shock to Brandon, who, unlike the Great Food president, has claimed that the supply chain issue is solved.

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In fact, about two months ago, Brandon declared victory on the supply chain issue. As I reported at the time:

Brandon declared that the supply chain is in “very strong shape” as America heads into the Christmas season. During the speech, Biden said “It’s not because of luck. We averted potential crisis by figuring out what needed to get fixed, and then we brought the people together to do the hard work of fixing it.”

He then dismissed claims of empty shelves and stores around the nation, boldly declaring that “For the vast majority of the country that’s not what’s happening” and that “Because of the actions the administration has taken in partnership with business and labor, retailers and grocery stores, freight movers and railroads, those shelves are going to be stocked.”

Similarly, during his ridiculously poor performance at his press conference, only the 2nd of his presidency, Brandon said:

Notwithstanding the recent storms that have impacted many parts of our country, the share of goods in stock at stores is 89% now, which is barely changed from the 91% before the pandemic,” Biden said. “I often see empty shelves being shown on television. 89% are fully, which is only a few points below what it was before the pandemic.

If only he had told the Giant Food president! Then the store’s shelves would be miraculously full!

Trump, speaking of supply chain issues under Brandon said that “it [the supply chain] wasn’t even a thought” under his administration and also said:

The words supply chain never really came up.It was something that we had, nobody had any problems, these were not two words in the vocabulary. They were not in the vocabulary of the administration, because everything was running like a fine-tuned machine. And we didn’t have any problems with supply chain.

They are stacked up to the sky. It is going to take a long time for them to break it up. It is very bad, very bad. It’s going to take a long time to fix it,” he added.

While we might not have thought about the supply chain under Trump, now it’s on the minds of every American thanks to bare shelves and rising prices. Thanks, Brandon.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.

This story syndicated with permission from Will – Trending Politics

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  1. BARE SHELVES BIDEN. As far as the longtime race-cleanser and “real segregationist(s)” Joe Biden is concerned all babies and young children are suitable for criminal fondling and molesting but not for feeding and preventing starvation.

  2. Stolen elections have severe consequences. Especially when the people the installed communist puppet regime to remain in power for 2 years now. The puppet regime clearly works for a foreign enemy and will continue the intentional destruction of America. The people still just sit back and allow it to continue on. The intentional cut-off of our energy supply, food supply, and all other supply chains, not to mention weakening our military capabilities, indoctrinating our 5 year-old and up children into perversion and anti-White anti-American, anti-Christian marxist ideology, also increasing and fomenting violent crime and drug abuse, opening up the border to millions of fighting age males and arming them, is all INTENTIONAL and designed to bring about a quickening of America’s complete destruction. The people just sit back and twiddle their thumbs and the illegitimately installed puppet regime to stay in power. It is with extreme urgency that the people use their constitutional and legal right to overthrow the enemy of our Republic that has illegally usurped power. The corrupt voting system that got us into this mess will not allow us to vote our way out of it. There is no other way.

  3. The people in that area can just expect truckers to refuse service as long as their friend Biden is forcing the price of diesel over $5.55. Talk to your P resident about it, he is having his food flown in from MAGA land.

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