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Meme of the Day: Ban Fossil Fools

Crazy leftists like to push to ban fossil fuels. Despite the bounty provided by cheap electricity, the wonderful opportunities afforded by plastics, the increased agricultural production afforded by petroleum fertilizers and gas-powered tractors, all of it means nothing to them.

Whatever the societal benefits of the fossil fuels are, they disregard it all in the name of…something.  It’s never quite clear what they want.

There’s something in there about saving “Mother Earth” from…the increased bounty brought about by a somewhat higher concentration of CO2 in the atmosphere, I guess.

If that one doesn’t pan out (as nonsensical arguments typically don’t), they retort that, well, we have to save ourselves from the angry sun monster! It’ll get hotter, you see, if we continue to burn fossil fuels.

But, again, that argument doesn’t really work. Burning wood, cow patties, or whatever else they’d prefer we burn instead of oil is far, far worse for the environment than oil or natural gas.

Well, they retort, we can use “renewable” energy.

Again, wrong. The amount of lithium and such required would prove to be both horrible for the environment and near impossible to extract, especially in the time frame required by the leftist that want to ban fossil fuels and do it now.

Well, I say, how about, instead of banning fossil fuels we ban fossil fools!

The people prattling on about all this nonsense are either feeble-minded geezers or fools whose minds were taken over by the viruses preached by those fossil fools. Why not, rather than banning the petroleum and natural gas products that have brought us so much good, we instead ban the absurd fools that have preached lies to the populace and stirred up such trouble! No more Biden, no more Bernie, no more from any of these fools!

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By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.