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Baby Asylum in Alabama

Baby Asylum in Alabama

Baby Asylum in Alabama

Will there be Baby Asylum in Alabama?

The Babylon Bee has some funny memes. This meme about baby asylum in Alabama is certainly one of them. Usually I’m against asylum seekers, but imaginary scenario this seems like a good opportunity to make an exception in the name of humanity. It is sad as a nation that even jokingly our babies have to “seek asylum.” For me, some of the most traumatizing stories from the Holocaust are stories of Nazis murdering Jewish babies. I find it highly disturbing that now many politicians, other than those in many southern states such as Alabama and Georgia, are trying to make it easier to kill developed babies. If a heartbeat is what defines life for adults, why is that not what defines life for a baby?

I’ll avoid getting into my thoughts on abortion or this situation here, but you can read more about it on the “My Political Positions” post or more specifically about the Alabama bill in my “The Alabama Abortion Bill” post. I think my view is both realistic and somewhat nuanced or thoughtful, but I still find this meme about baby asylum quite funny, if still very disturbing.

It is funny, in an awkward way, because of the disturbing point it brings up; Democrats care more about the lives of non-American, likely criminals than they do about the lives of American babies. They support the migrant caravans that are a huge national security threat, as I talk about in “Border Security is Crucial for National Security,” yet they almost certainly would not support families fleeing to Alabama to avoid abortion laws.

The imagined circumstance is ridiculous, for now. But soon, forced abortions in certain circumstances might become law. If that happens, then maybe these caravans of loving, American mother migrants might ensue.

By: Gen Z Conservative