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Ayn Rand on Rule by Brute Force

The Quote

“We are fast approaching the stage of the ultimate inversion: the stage where the government is free to do anything it pleases, while the citizens may act only by permission; which is the stage of the darkest periods of human history, the stage of rule by brute force.” -Ayn Rand on Rule by Brute Force

My Take on The Quote by Ayn Rand on Rule by Brute Force

I think Ayn Rand was incredibly prescient. Just about every problem we’re having today were problems she called in either Atlas Shrugged or other works.

One such problem is the government’s tendency to rule by compulsion, which is identified excellently in the quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force. And, it looks like she was right.

In America, the government was not meant to rule by force, but rather by the will of the people. That was the point of the American Revolution and Constitution. If you want to see what the Founders thought about government rule, then you need to read both The Federalist Papers and The Anti-Federalist Papers.

But, of course, the ruling elites don’t care about that. They’d prefer to rule, not represent. That’s why they can have armed guards and take your firearms. It’s why they draft dream medical plans for themselves but want you to have to rely on something like Medicare for All.

And, if you don’t want to comply or disagree, they’ll punish your thought crimes with enforcement of red flag laws and send jackbooted thugs to your house. Just look at what is happening in Hong Kong right now to see what happens when governments rule by brute force. It isn’t pretty.

So, does that sound like being a representative? Or like ruling with brute force? To me, it’s obvious. Our government isn’t acting like the Founders intended.

Right now, things are just as predicted in the above quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force. The government can do anything at all it pleases: use the PATRIOT Act to listen to our calls, spend our money irresponsibly, intervene in far-away conflicts and in the process kill thousands of American troops (as described in Phase Line Green), and, worst of all, use immigration policies to destroy the common American creed.

Meanwhile, regulations are ever-growing for the average American. The government regulates down to minute details what guns are legal or illegal. Its restrictions on corporations lead to huge amounts of lost revenue. Hell, it even regulates the proper diameter of spaghetti!

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Now, does that sound more like freedom or tyranny? Because it sure sounds like tyranny and rule by brute force to me. It’s the road to serfdom.


That’s not how America should be, nor how it was meant to be. Just read about the early American republic. Our Founding Fathers desired freedom for all Americans and would have been horrified that this quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force would ever seem relevant to the American situation. Regular Americans need to start standing up and demand that the Congressmen and Senators start following the will of the people and act as representatives rather than tyrants that rule by brute force.

Unfortunately, as of late, few Americans have been willing to do that. They are unwilling to say that they see this quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force as applying to them and instead push for more government control. They don’t want liberty, they instead want safety from terrorists, safety from the Chinese Flu, and safety from any other potentially harmful thing.

Do not fall into that trap! Recognize the problem inherent in accepting a system like the one described in this quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force and fight back against it.

That problem is that it is antithetical to the way America should be. We are supposed to be a nation of free men that are governed by our chosen representatives, not ruled by princes, kings, or despots that lord their authority over us and rule by brute force.

If you want a depiction of what rule by brute force would look like, look no further than Nancy Pelosi, or, as I like to call her, Nancy Antoinette. She is the one that has demanded the lockdowns and mask mandates that have made your life at best inconvenient and at worst a living hell for the past five or so months. Yet, while back home in California, she was seen walking around a (closed) salon without a mask on, getting her hair done.

As said in this quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force, she is in the government, so she is free to do anything she wants. But you are a peon, so you can only go to the store, or out in public, or wherever, with the permission of people like her. That is what rule by brute force will be like, but instead of being limited to a few small examples like this one, it will be applicable to every area of life. Everywhere you go, hypocritical government bureaucrats and politicians will do what they want and lord their authority over you.

That is the system described in this quote by Ayn Rand on rule by brute force. Is it what you want? I certainly don’t fight against it. Don’t let rule by brute force come to America!

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook