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Ayn Rand on Pity

The Quote by Ayn Rand on Pity

“Pity for the guilty is treason to the innocent” -Ayn Rand on Pity

My Take

I think that this quote by Ayn Rand on pity is, although not full of kindness or mercy, important for Americans of all stripes to keep in mind. We can’t simultaneously deliver justice to those affected by evil and feel bad for those committing evil.

Of course, few will listen to it because they disagree with her. That’s a mistake. As with much of her philosophy, Ayn Rand is correct about pity even if her quotation on it seems devoid of human emotion. Thinking that is thinking incorrectly; we should be ruled by reason, not emotion.

Love or hate her philosophy, I think that it’s hard to deny that Ayn Rand understood basic facts and human nature. She understood that Big Government and corruption are inseparable; huge power in the hands of a chosen few bureaucrats never ends well. Socialism Sucks and The Case Against Socialism show that well.

Similarly, she understood that capitalism is the only way to truly help people and fight poverty. As a Christian, I’m not against charity. But, it really isn’t the help people need. They need opportunity. Atlas Shrugged and The Virtue of Selfishness show that excellently; society can only thrive if the free market is unleashed.

So, she knew what she was talking about when it came to human nature and the economy. I think that because of that, this quote by Ayn Rand on pity deserves a close look, even by those who initially view it as reprehensible.

Many innocents in America suffer. Children are abused, many senior citizens fall victim to financial scams, violent crime kills or injures thousands, and we’ve all been terrorized by China’s lies about and criminal mishandling of the Covid crisis. Are we supposed to feel pity for the victims or their oppressors? You can’t choose both- that’s not just. One party is wronged and the other is the malign actor. Remember that.

Ultimately, I think that this quote by Ayn Rand on pity is most important in the context of the Chinese flu. The Chinese did this to us. They are liable. When creating a China policy in the future, we can’t fall victim to taking pity on it.

Instead, we should remain just and rational and punish them for this. Kick them out of international organizations. Fine them for the damage their criminal policies caused. We should do whatever it takes to create a just outcome for this crisis. Because China didn’t tell the world what was going on, 95% more people have died and will die than would have otherwise. That’s unacceptable and they should be punished; that is justice and it’s what is correct to do.

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By: Gen Z Conservative