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Want To Avoid Being Shot By Police? It’s Not Too Difficult

By guest author Jack Rail

‘Activist athlete’ Gwen Berry should be thanking God, as Charles Barkley said after visiting Africa, that one of his ancestors got on that boat. Berry doesn’t grasp that. Were she raised in Africa she would likely already be dead in the endless tribal conflicts that kill tens of thousands of black Africans every year. She would be sick from disease, pestilence and parasites. She would live in places where few ever get to rise above the general extreme poverty.

Wherever you came from, regardless of how you got here or your color or other feature, you – and I, and all other Americans – are doggone lucky to be here. Family lore holds that my maternal ancestors fled the Irish potato famine of the 1840’s. Whatever else slaves on American shores endured, they generally did not starve, which is a particularly hard way to get dead.

Many black athletes today want us to think they’re complaining not for themselves, but for black people in general.  Well.  Last time I saw the data on it several years ago, about two thirds of American blacks are middle-class, same as whites.  The athletes will say that’s not the issue; the issue is how blacks are treated by cops.  If that’s the case then a lot of blacks need to learn how to behave around cops.

The following rules will keep you from getting shot by police, getting beat up by police, and having other problems with police:

  1. Don’t shoot at them.  
  2. Don’t pull a weapon in their presence.  Let them take any weapons from you.  
  3. Don’t provoke them by calling them “pig” or other names.  
  4. Don’t go for their weapons.  
  5. Don’t fight them.
  6. Don’t give them attitude in voice or action.
  7. Don’t resist arrest or try to escape.
  8. Do what they say.
  9. Respond, “Yes sir ” and “No sir.”
  10. Don’t encourage your friends to taunt them, throw things at them, or stir up trouble with them.

These rules work for black, white, and brown people from anywhere, citizen or noncitizen, young or old, and will keep you out of trouble with the cops.  It’s even smarter not to break the law in the first place because it brings cops looking for you. Cops don’t look for somebody driving while black; they look for somebody driving too fast, or driving crazily, or breaking other transit laws, or engaging in drive-by shootings, things like that.

That’s what the police are supposed to do. They’re even paid, by our taxes, to do it. Society is regulated by laws and expectations of appropriate citizen behavior. Breach these and you can expect the police to come after you. That’s their job. Only blacks riot when black criminals have trouble with cops. No other race or ethnicity does that.

In short: Don’t behave in a way that brings the cops down on you.  If you do, it’s your own fault. No cop has any license to rough you up or kill you, but know that the rest of America sees unruly behavior as the primary cause of black issues with police.  It does not exactly make sense when BLM et al seem okay with somebody acting like a thug with the cops and then complaining when they get rough with him.  For most of us, that’s precisely what they should do.

By Jack Rail

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Jack Rail is a retired Army officer who writes mostly when something gets his goat. This article originally appeared on Blue State Conservative