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Australia Proves It: The Point of Gun Control is Control

In the wonderful film The Darkest Hour, which is about Churchill’s first days as Prime Minister, a time when he alone stood against the Nazi menace, Churchill at one point exclaims:

When will the lesson be learned?! When will the lesson be learned?! How many dictators must be wooed, appeased, good God given immense privileges, before we learn?! You cannot reason with a tiger when your head is in its mouth!

It’s a powerful scene, watch it here:

That powerful point, one well made by the greatest orator of his time and one of the West’s greatest defenders, was meant to apply to the appeasement of dictators in matters of geopolitics, but I think it could just as well apply to gun control. The edited rendition might go something like this:

When will the lesson be learned?! When will the lesson be learned?! How many Karens and petty tyrants must be wooed, appeased, good God given immense privileges to restrict our liberty, before we learn?! Gun control is not about your safety, it’s about control!

The answer, of course, is that we should have recognized that answer long ago, back when the first gun control laws of note were passed during Prohibition. The Prohibition Era gun control laws were passed under the guise of keeping Americans safe from gun violence.

As if that was believable- gangsters were using their firepower to kill other gangsters and cops, not the average civilian. No one needs a Tommy Gun to prey on the innocent, a simple handgun is more than enough for that, as Chicago’s crime stats show.

So, what were those tyrannical laws really about? Keeping people under control. The government was tired of dealing with the chaos caused by liberty and cracked down on the 2nd Amendment, effectively banning a slew of weapons valuable for fighting tyrants. Sure, the gangsters were forced to gradually shift away from the Tommy Gun and back toward handguns. But, far more importantly, the average American was at an armament disadvantage when compared to his government. That opened the door for tyranny.

Since then, we in the states have won some battles and lost some battles on the gun control front. In Europe and Australia, however, gun control laws have only grown more severe and more common. The result? A bit less crime and a lot more tyranny.

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Nowhere is that more obvious than Australia, where the government disarmed the citizenry as a response to a mass shooting a few decades ago. Now, it’s free to do anything it wants to its subjects. In the Covid era, that means massive lockdowns, the destruction of civil liberties, and vicious attacks on civilians.

Those subjects, disarmed by a government they assumed to be benign, are now left with no way to demand their rights back. They can only politely ask, and are often beaten savagely by the police and/or thrown in jail for their efforts.

Does anyone believe that would be happening if there were a rifle on the shoulder of every protester, as there often is in America? I seriously doubt it: an armed society is a polite society and tyrants tend to back down when the peasants grab their pitchforks. Hence why they try to ban pitchforks ahead of time.

Australia shows what gun control is all about. It’s not about keeping you safe. Were that the case, the government would give everyone a modern battle rifle and sidearm and teach them how to use both to defeat the criminal elements. Switzerland has next to no crime after all. But that’s what it’s not about, obviously. It’s about controlling you. They want to take your guns not to keep you safe, but to keep themselves safe and keep you from revolting.

Nowhere makes that more clear than Australia. Watch the tyranny there closely. It’s our future if we give in to the petty tyrants and Karens and accept their gun control regime.

By: Gen Z Conservative, editor of Follow me on Parler and Gettr.