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Attorney Reveals America-Bashing Brittney Griner Angry With Jail Conditions, But Even More Worried About Where She’s Headed Next

WNBA star Brittney Griner, the one that refused to appear on court for the National Anthem and was then later arrested in Russia for smuggling hash oil into the country, is apparently quite scared about what the future holds for her.

News on that comes from a new report from The New York Times. According to that report, which cites her lawyer, Griner is “increasingly anxious” about her actually having to serve a nine-year prison sentence in Russia.

And, frankly, who wouldn’t be? Russia is a pretty scary place to most people, given that what little they know about it mainly relates to Rasputin, Ivan the Terrible, and Stalin, and its prison system is known to be a bit more focused on punishment than rehabilitation than western prisons, which means Griner is in for a hard time.

The Western Journal said that Griner’s Russian attorney has indicated that the pro-basketball player, who is behind bars due to drug possession charges, is struggling.

“She has not been in as good condition as I could sometimes find her in,” Alexandr D. Boykov went on to say in an interview published Wednesday.

Reporting on what else he had to say, The Western Journal also noted that “Boykov claims that Griner fears the United States government won’t make a deal for Russian authorities to secure her freedom.”

Adding more details about what Griner is frightened of, Boykov said:

“She is not yet absolutely convinced that America will be able to take her home. he is very worried about what the price of that [a prisoner exchange] will be, and she is afraid that she will have to serve the whole sentence here in Russia.”

And she has serious reason to be worried, as the New York Times noted that she could end up in a pretty miserable place.

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“Mr. Boykov said that the uncertainty over which type of prison Ms. Griner would end up in is a particular concern, as she fears it will be one with miserable or inhumane conditions,” the Times stated.

During an interview last week on CNN, President Joe Biden stated that he’s willing to negotiate for the release of the WNBA star, even if that requires a face-to-face meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin.

Echoing the thoughts of many conservative Americans, The Western Journal noted that Griner was anti-American Anthem during 2020, saying:

“Griner went beyond merely kneeling for ‘The Star-Spangled Banner’ — the progressive athlete openly called for the WNBA to cease playing the national anthem in 2020, going so far as to announce that she would remain in her team’s locker room when the anthem was played, according to a July 2020 report in The Washington Post.”

So Griner is worried about what’s to come and what might happen to her in Russia. At least she won’t have to hear the “racist” National Anthem or worry about what’s happening to George Floyd and those like him. Instead she can crush rocks in a Russian gulag…or whatever it is that the Russian justice system has planned for her.

By: Gen Z Conservative