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Armed 93-Year-Old Uses Firearm to Turn the Tables on Violent Home Invaders in LA

Even in far-left, pro-gun control Los Angeles the general rule of repeating firearms hold true: God might have created all men equal, but it’s Samuel Colt and his repeating firearms that made them equal.

Thanks to Colt and his innovations, along with all those by other gunmakers and firearm innovators that have followed Colt’s mid-19th Century revolution in firearm development, even the weak can now stand up to the strong on a somewhat equal footing.

A lone, 120-pound woman in a parking lot? If she has a repeating firearm, she can stand up to any group of thugs that might come her way. A 93-year-old homeowner tired of thugs breaking into his house? A repeating firearm gives him the amount of force necessary to stand up to them with a reasonable chance of making it out of the situation alive.

Such was the case in Los Angeles toward the end of June, when an elderly homeowner in the suburbs of that crime-plagued city who was tired of repeated home invasions grabbed a gun and stood up to the home invaders who were so intent on preying on him.

Not only did he stand up to the group of thugs and make it out of the situation with his life despite being nearly a century old, but he left one of the burglars critically wounded and scared off the accomplices of the would-be thief.

ABC, reporting on the situation and what happened when the man stood up to the burglars, noted that:

The retired plumber, identified as Joe Howard Teague by the Riverside County Sheriff’s Department, turned the tables on the group of home invaders early Wednesday when he grabbed his gun and confronted them inside his house in Moreno Valley, the sheriff’s office said.

“I approached them to put them under citizen’s arrest. They wouldn’t adhere to that and then one of them came at me with a fishing pole,” Teague told reporters outside his home Thursday.

He said the suspects, who entered his home after kicking open his door, began throwing things at him as he tried to hold them at gunpoint.

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“It was just like somebody comes to a gunfight with a pocketknife, you know,” Teague said.

But he wasn’t the one with a pocketknife, so after things escalated and he evidently felt his life was in enough danger to start shooting, he did so, leaving one of the would-be burglars wounded and the others fleeing. He had called the police to let them know he was holding the suspects in the burglary at gunpoint before the shooting started.

The sheriff’s department, which noted that, while an investigation is ongoing, the shooting appears to be justified, commented that:

Investigators have established that several individuals, including Ortega, were inside Teague’s property when a shooting occurred.

Thanks to his firearm and skill with it, Teague made it out of the scary situation intact. He was uninjured and taken to the sheriff’s department for questioning before being released.

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