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Are we Fighting for Freedom

My Thoughts:

Are we fighting for freedom in the Middle East? I really doubt it. In fact, you could say those wars for democracy in the Middle East have eroded our freedoms.

Ever since the horrible 9/11 attacks, our politicians have demanded that we send troops over to fight in the Middle East. Actually, they had been demanding that for a long time beforehand. Just look at the Marines that Reagan sent to Lebanon in the 80s. Or our involvement in Iran starting in the 50s. If you read The Great War for Civilization, you’ll understand just how long and bloody our wars for democracy in the Middle East have been.

So, if our troops are over there fighting, then they must be fighting for something good, right? That’s what the whole interventionist era (which now seems to be ending) was about. Our troops go and die to defend our freedom in the Middle East. But, are we fighting for freedom?

What the Politicians Say

Inevitably, most politicians would say yes. They say we have to fight them because they “hate our freedoms.” Whatever that means. Or that by fighting them “over there” we can remain free at home. And, other than Trump and a few other non-interventionists that remember Washington’s advice to avoid foreign entanglements, our politicians have generally stuck to that line of reasoning.

But then again, that’s the same sort of reasoning that led “The Best and The Brightest” to get us involved in Vietnam, a conflict we didn’t need to get involved in. We should always remember Otto von Bismark’s advice about lying politicians. Those liars might have a good response to “are we fighting for freedom?” But their responses are lies. Our freedom is not being protected and terrorist attacks here and around the world have continued to happen.

What the Facts Say

The facts about the war on terror indicate that our freedoms are not being protected by these forever wars in the Middle East. They’re actually being eroded.

Two quick examples. First is the PATRIOT Act. That abhorrent piece of legislation allows the government to completely ignore the 4th Amendment and spy on everyone, citizen or not. It’s the reason for the death of individual liberty in America. They claim it’s to protect us, but so for not one terror plot has been foiled because of it. It’s just a tool they use to surveil us.

The second example is the strain these wars have placed on our budget and military. These forever wars have cost trillions and trillions of dollars and are part of the reason for the currently skyrocketing national debt.

And the military has felt that financial strain; it has to spend so much time fighting and chasing guerillas around the desert that it can’t modernize to fight the wars that might actually affect our freedom in some way. It can’t find the money or time to quickly put lasers on fighter jets or IRBMS on naval vessels to win a war with China. And it can’t field air-defense systems or new F-35s fast enough to be ready for a war with Russia of the intensity described in The Red Line. A war with Russia and/or China could actually impact American citizens. Chasing terrorists around North Syria doesn’t. We should focus on fights that actually matter because proper deterrence is the only way to avoid those hugely destructive wars.

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So, are we fighting for freedom in the Middle East? No. Those intervenionist conflicts have just allowed the government to spy on us, have made the debt become a huge problem, and have strained our military. We need to avoid foreign entanglements and get out of the Middle East. The government should be promoting peace, not war. The Founders understood that. Like with reminding the government that gun confiscation is impossible, it’s time to remind them that we shouldn’t be involved in unnecessary overseas conflicts.

By: Gen Z Conservative