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Are Guns Responsible for Gun Violence?

My Take on “Are Guns Responsible for Gun Violence?”

With the Chinese Flu pandemic overtaking the country right now, it can be hard to remember that other issues are at play in America right now. Pandemic response and the massive government spending package (and the resulting increase in the national debt and deficit) are the issues at the forefront of the American mind right now, and rightly so. They’re important issues.

But, as you can likely discern from the attempts of state governments to shut down gun stores, gun control is still a huge, lurking issue. As a result, I thought it would be prudent to address the “are guns responsible for gun violence?” question.

My answer to that, which you can probably guess based on your earlier readings of my thoughts on gun control and my many, many gun control articles, is an emphatic “NO!!!” No, guns are not responsible for gun violence, people and their lack of decency are.

To me, that’s the simplest idea in the world. Criminals, the people who don’t care about the law, are the ones responsible when they break it. If they use a gun to commit a violent crime or aid them in a robbery, that gun isn’t to blame. Even if it’s one of those scary-looking “assault rifles.” Instead, the criminal is to blame. Not guns and not law-abiding gun owners.

Unfortunately, the American government doesn’t seem to understand that. Leftist governments in blue states, such as Virginia and California, have attempted to blame guns for crime and use that blame to outlaw them in one way or another. Luckily for us, gun owners in Virginia were able to rally in the thousands and create 2nd Amendment sanctuaries and in so doing shut down their legislature’s attempts at tyrannical gun control. California, on the other hand, is basically a lost cause at this point. It’s gun laws are some of the worst.

In any case, your answer to “are guns responsible for gun violence” should also be an emphatic “no.” Thinking otherwise is utterly absurd. Really, an inanimate object is to blame for the actions of a depraved individual?

Of course, I’m probably preaching to the choir at this point. People who would click on this image already understand the real cause of gun violence and know that the gun control lobby is constantly lying in an attempt to further the cause of totalitarian-style gun control. But, I still think it’s worth saying.

For me, at least, it’s always helpful to read articles that show others out there have the same opinions as me, especially on issues like gun control where it seems like conservatives are constantly losing ground.


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How to Show Liberals that Criminals, not Guns, are Responsible for Gun Violence

To reverse that trend of us always losing ground and surrendering more and more of our right to keep and bear arms, I think that it’s necessary to reframe the argument.

Far too often, we on the right seem to be stuck defending our right to arm ourselves by either falling back on Constitutional arguments or arguments about the reasons to own a gun. To be sure, those are great arguments, but they’re not sufficient. The left doesn’t care about the Constitution or how to interpret it and it certainly doesn’t care about why you personally might want to own a firearm.

However, pointing out the flaws in their arguments can help turn them back, or at least convince people in the middle that the left is wrong. The left blames guns, inanimate objects, for violence. That’s as idiotic as their claim that racist speech is violence.

On the other hand, reasonable people know that we should blame criminals, not guns. Doing so is simply logical. Showing them the logical error of their ways might help shut them up about gun control. And, even if it doesn’t, maybe it will convince moderates (who they seem to have forgotten about) that the right is right on this issue. At the very least, we have the Founding Fathers on our side!

Conclusion: Guns are not Responsible for Gun Violence

So, one again, are guns responsible for gun violence? No! Criminals are.

Never be afraid to share that viewpoint. You’re right and there is literally not a single argument against that point that makes sense. Nor is there an argument that makes gun control seem like it’s not crazy. So don’t be afraid; as Ayn Rand said, we should never be unwilling to state the truth.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on Parler, Gab, and Facebook