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Are Conspiracy Theories Dangerous and Deadly?

Are Conspiracy Theories Dangerous? A Young Conservative’s Opinion

One topic that has remained relevant in politics, besides the usual corruption and selling out, is the idea of conspiracy theories. Even in the debates, President Trump was asked to denounce conspiracy theory groups like QAnon, after his supposed “support” of them. Conspiracy theories are a big part of politics, and life in general. There are always conspiracies from TV shows to Democratic officials. Are conspiracy theories dangerous? It depends.

are conspiracy theories dangerous
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All over Google and social media, you’ll see these “trusted news sites” say how evil and dangerous conspiracy theories are. This coming from the people who pushed the Russia hoax for 3+ years? Who believed the article from the Washington Post (owned by Jeff Bezos) stating Trump wanted to add more votes (but there’s no such thing as voter fraud)? These are the people telling us how dangerous these conspiracy theories are. Even the meme above is a conspiracy theory. Unless anyone can prove it to be true, we won’t know.

I will state that there is a line that needs to be drawn in regard to conspiracy theories, and the only line I’ll say is when it puts innocent people in danger. Like the shooter who believed Pizzagate. Thankfully, no one was hurt from his reckless actions.

His actions, however, shouldn’t dictate the others who believe in these conspiracy theories. At this point, however, some of what is happening today isn’t conspiracy. It’s legit.

The media and Democrats will use QAnon and right-wing conspiracies as a “weapon” against Trump, but totally ignore the Biden family’s corruption and Antifa. Nobody questions when Jerry Nadler or Joe Biden calls Antifa a conspiracy theory.

Let the record show that no right-wing conspiracy theory has killed anyone, or destroyed people’s livelihood. That Pizzagate shooter was an idiot. Antifa knows full well what they’re doing; it’s what they’ve been conditioned to believe.

Even that the 2020 election was stolen is being considered a “dangerous” conspiracy theory, that’s a dirty lie. It was clearly stolen. You cannot go to sleep with Trump leading in the states he was leading in, then overnight the number of votes needed to shift the victory to Biden was there. Use some common sense and do some research. It’s not a conspiracy.

When I discuss topics like Pizzagate or Hollywood’s sex crimes or Jeff Epstein, I always make the note that this is a conspiracy theory. I also encourage others to do their own research before believing what they read or hear. In a world of social media, it’s easy to believe in the title of a news article or words from a politician. I try to do research before making an opinion.

Do I believe in some of these conspiracy theories? Absolutely. There’s too much coincidence and evidence that would state the opposite. Epstein was a clear indicator of that. Even the Cuties conspiracy, if you recall, no Democratic politician or Hollywood elite called out this movie. I only remember seeing Tulsi Gabbard and Nancy Pelosi’s daughter.

Then every news article disparaged critiques of Cuties, calling them right-wing conspirators. Normalizing pedophilia and ignoring human trafficking isn’t a bipartisan issue, nor should it be. Normalizing pedophilia also isn’t a conspiracy theory.

are conspiracy theories dangerous
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Two examples come from an article I wrote on Gen Z’s blog, and the other article comes from my blog. The first was the bill in California called SB-145, which allow individuals to NOT be registered as sex offenders as long as the two people having sexual intercourse are 10 years apart. To be blunt, if a 23-year-old man has sex with a 13-year-old boy or girl, he won’t be labelled a sex offender.

That’s not a conspiracy; this is an actual bill pushed by Californian lawmakers. The second example is in reference to Zoe Laverne, the Tik Tok star who had a relationship with a 13-year-old boy. Many of her fans defended her against critics, saying it was consensual. Minors can’t consent, but because she’s a woman, it makes it okay. When Tony Lopez did the same thing, but worse, he got major criticism. If anyone sexualizes minors, they should be canceled. I don’t care what the gender is.

In conclusion, conspiracy theories are only as dangerous as you make them out to be. The Left will use anything to create fear and havoc. Personally, I loved seeing Trump clap back at reporters who questioned him on QAnon stating, “Is that supposed to be a bad thing or a good thing?” Certain conspiracy theories regarding characters, TV shows, or movies can be fun. My sister and I always get involved with those. Political conspiracy theories aren’t dangerous in my opinion. The media overexaggerates about it, but what else is new?

By: Young Patriot Rising,                       

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