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Are Americans Finally Waking Up to the Truth about Biden and the Perfidious Left?

As is often the case, we real conservatives are left watching or reading the news and wondering if what we’re learning about (if “learning” even applies to the news anymore) is something of value to our quest to save this once-glorious republic, or if it’s yet another big nothing burger that raises our hopes to the sky only to let them crash back to Earth.

Based on our experience time and time again, it would be hard not to describe the conservative heart as similar to Icarus: it sails to the highest heights as good news (for us, at least) buoys our hopes, only for reality to come crashing down and melt the wax wings of our hopeful hearts.

To me, all this news of Biden’s approval rating is yet another nothing burger. There is good news–Biden’s fall from grace–but that news doesn’t appear to be indicative of a larger trend against leftism. It’s just a herd event ginned up by the pro-endless war crowd on TV.

Yes, it’s good that Americans have lost faith in Biden and his approval rating is plummeting faster than the Afghan “Army” deserted the battlefield when its Green Beret handlers flew away. Supposedly, 52% of Americans want Bloody Biden to resign and 60% want to see him impeached.

But what does that really mean? Are Americans finally waking up to the evils of the left? Has a supermajority of the nation taken the “red pill” and seen what the left is really up to? Have the scales fallen off their once-corrupted eyes, letting them see the insanity of the leftists and the societal devastation wrought by their corporatist, woke, anti-American agenda?

I doubt it, especially over the long term.

What’s happening right now is only that people are being herded into a certain viewpoint. Everyone in America, other than the Corrupt Old Coot’s commissars, it would appear, is rightly pissed off about the Afghan fiasco.

Whether it’s because Afghan girls will no longer go to school, America has lost a tremendous amount of face, or Bloody Biden armed the Taliban with billions of dollars of military equipment, talking heads on every media station have been screaming about just how bad this is.

So, like sheep pushed toward a new pasture by a good sheepdog, the American populace is being herded back into a hawkish foreign policy stance.

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And, because they’re being told what to believe, they believe it. A shocker, I know. It’s as if this has happened before…about the same region of the world…with similar losers in charge of everything. It’s Deja Vu all over again, only this time the president is licking chocolate chip ice cream rather than telling us to watch his drive.

The only thing that’s “off” is that even the idiots on CNN are mad at Bloody Biden and are attacking his dimwitted (or is it no-witted?) policies this time, so those gullible few still watching CNN and MSNBC are upset! “Think of the gender studies programs and vaccine access,” they cry. Perhaps we’ll stage a rescue mission for the N95 masks left behind.

The result? People are pissed and Biden’s approval is sinking as quickly as the USS Ship of State (watch the end of Titanic for reference), so it looks like there’s good news for conservatives.

But, returning to my original point, is it good news? I suppose it’s nice that people are rejecting Slow Joe and Kamala, but it’s not like minds are being changed about the nature of America, politics, and life. It’s not like once-rapid feminists are accepting the virtues of masculinity, gun control tyrants are selling ARs, and Big Tech tyrants are uncensoring posts at the behest of a massive crowd outside their headquarters. The 50-50 split about the issues that actually affect us is still very real and hasn’t disappeared like feminists in Afghanistan.

Sheep are just mad because the serious-looking man in a suit (bonus points for hair gel and a permanent scowl) is ranting and raving about how bad it is that Afghanistan didn’t last long enough for us to pin the failure of nation-building on its “army.” Vietnamization failed once again, only this time the Air Force and attack helicopters weren’t there to stop the Easter Offensive.

That’s not anger against the establishment that sailed us into a goat-herding iceberg hidden in the caves of Tora Bora, it’s anger that those establishment people weren’t listened to! If you think Karl Rove, Rumsfeld’s ghost, “never won a war” generals like McChrystal, and international do-gooders like Obama aren’t ecstatic that the populace is once again pro-land war in Eurasia, you need to be paying more attention.

So, dear reader, while you needn’t be dismayed, don’t take these polls as God’s honest truth that a red wave is coming.

Perhaps it is, but that wave will come because of CRT, BLM, and the other acronyms that are burning down your business and teaching your kids that Mao was a good guy but George Washington was a “r-r-r-r-rACIST!” It won’t be because the Swamp Creatures from the Raytheon board room are pissy that they won’t be getting sweetheart deals on missiles to fire are empty tents and their media minions are making a $2 trillion waste sound like a global crusade for good.

If you want to win the political war, focus on the culture war. Afghanistan is a good political tomahawk to throw at Biden, as it does show his ineptitude, but it’s not the end all be all. It won’t carry us to victory.

Exposing the evil nature of the left: its Antifa stormtroopers, its BLM-themed black bloc, its socialist policies, will. Shining the bright, septic light of truth on that filth will help us win, not cheering on the globalist warmongers.

By: Gen Z Conservative. Follow me on ParlerGab, and Facebook